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Stop fighting on roadtrips with the Tylt Band Car Charger [Review]


My boyfriend and I like to take road trips together. This means that we spend an unseemly amount of time in a car. We generally use our Android phones to navigate, and the battery life can drop pretty quickly. Luckily, we’re able to charge our phones in the car…but there’s only one charging spot for one phone! Woe.

(He usually wins, since his phone is mounted and is actively giving directions. Whatever.)

Enter, the Tylt Band Charger. With Tylt, we don’t have to fight. There is peace. You see, we each get a spot to charge our phone. Even better? It comes with a cable already attached, so I don’t have to tote mine around. And the best part is…it’s beautifully designed and functional!

I took this baby on a trip to New Brunswick, and it kept my phone topped up. The bright blue wide, flat ribbon cable keeps it tangle free, and easy to spot. It’s available for iPhone and Micro-USB devices. The 2.1 Amp lets you charge two phones at once, or a tablet. The charger comes in 4 bright colours: red, blue, lime green or black and retails for $39.99

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tylt2 You can also purchase from Amazon and Staples.

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