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Believe in Bacon with the new menu at the Works


The Works Burger has a brand new bacon themed menu that promises to bring you, well, lots of bacon. Delicious, delicious bacon.

I’ve been a fan of the Works ever since I visited them in Ottawa to try a burger before they were available in Ontario. Lucky for us, they are in Toronto now and keep expanding!

Their limited time menu, Believe in Bacon II, features three burgers and even a bacon filled milkshake!


We got down to business with the Bacon Wrapped Wrecking Balls ($9.91). These potato cheddar balls were like amazing, cheesy tater tots, wrapped in bacon! They were served with crispy bacon sticks and a bacon roasted garlic aioli.


All burgers come with your choice of side. You can choose from regular fries, spicy die cut chips or sweet potato fries. With the bacon menu, you also have the option to Piggy your Fries. Shown above, these fries are topped with bacon roasted garlic aioli, bacon seasoning, green onions and of course, bacon! It’s a fun way to dress up your fries.


Finally it was time for burgers! I had the Gettin’ Piggier with It ($15.47) with a signature 8 oz bacon and beef patty packed with smoked bacon, Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese, bacon ketchup and crunchy onion strings. I loved this burger! the smoked bacon was rich and smokey, and the crunchy bacon strings were fantastic.


My dining partner decided to be contrary and went with chicken! I teased him, but chicken is always a good choice at the Works as well. When Pigs Fly ($15.47) comes with a bacon and beer seasoned chicken breast. The freshly grilled chicken is finished with housemade bacon jam and a crispy onion ring. He enjoyed his burger, especially the bacon jam.

If I wasn’t stuffed by the end of the meal, I would have tried the Bacontella Shake ($5.21)!  Nutella and smoked bacon is blended with creamy Canadian ice cream topped with whipped cream. Maybe next time!

Are you up to baconify your life? Head to the Works by April 5th to enjoy this limited time menu! Check out a location near you.



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