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It’s been months since Winterlicious, and Summerlicious is still far away. Tide yourself over with the first annual Marketlicious! From April 16th- April 30th Market Street restaurants will be celebrating the (hopeful) start of patio season.

Barsa Taberna, Bindia, Market Street Catch, Evolution Food Co. and Pastizza will be offering special pre-set lunch menus highlighting some of their top dishes.

Check out my two favourite menus below:

Appetizers: Choose one of the following
Haryali Tikka- Vegetable patties made with broccoli, carrots, peas and aromatic spices.
Fish Pakora- Tilapia breaded with chickpea flour tandoori spices and cumin seeds, served with a bell pepper and onion chutney.
Lamb Samosa- Crisp pastry filled with seasoned minced lamb served with a tamarind chutney.
Mains: Choose one of the following
Butter Chicken- Tender pieces of tandoori grilled white meat simmered in a rich creamy tomato sauce with special house blend spices.
Bhuna Lamb-Marinated lamb pieces cooked with bell peppers, coriander, onions and tomatoes in an aromatic masala sauce.
Paneer Makhni-Indian cheese cubes simmered in a tomato, onion and cream based gravy.
Desserts: Choose one of the following
Kheer-Traditional Indian rice pudding made with milk, raisins and cardamom
Gulab Jamun-Milk dumplings in a warm sweet syrup served with vanilla ice cream.


Choose any 3 Tapas + Postre
Brassica salad
Patatas Bravas
Manchego Churros
Crispy Bass
Blistered Shishito Peppers
Crispy Pork Belly
La Bomba
Chorizo Bocadillo

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