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Dinner at the Rossmount Inn, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

The charming Rossmount Inn is a historic house with 18 rooms on 87 acres of land. It’s just outside of St.Andrew’s, New Brunswick, and is known for its amazing meals. The Rossmount Inn is owned by Chef Chris Aerni and his wife Graziella.

I was lucky enough to have a reservation here when I went to visit New Brunswick!

The menu sources locally caught fish, foraged greens as well as wild and organic foods. Because of this, the menu changes daily (this is what it was when I went). The dining room is intimate and pretty romantic.



We started with homemade hummus and fresh warm bread.

resto9-500x500An amuse-bouche was brought to our table- tender beef wrapped in puff pastry.

resto7-500x500I had the Snow crab cake ($15) to start. The fresh crab cake was served with Napa slaw and red pepper drizzle. The crab was sweet and was encrusted in crispy panko breading.

resto8-500x500Traditional Rosesmount Lobster Cocktail ($15) Fresh lobster with pickled beet salad and celery remoulade. Look at that presentation!

We both really enjoyed our appetizers, and eagerly awaited our mains.

resto5-500x500 We both had a hard time deciding what to eat. Since I was in  Atlantic Canada, I knew that I wanted to eat as much lobster as humanly possible. That helped me narrow it down to the Butter Poached Naked Lobster with gnocchi “Parisienne”($24).

I was worried that this meal would be too rich, but it was bang on for portion size. The dish had large pieces of buttery lobster garnished with arugula and lobster-cayenne reduction.

The star of the show was the Parisienne style gnocchi. While we were eating, Chef Chris Aerni actually came out to see how we were enjoying our meals. He explained that Parisienne style gnocchi is actually made from pâte à choux (the same stuff you make cream puffs from) and piped with a piping bag.

They were so delicate, light, and packed with flavour.

resto6-500x500My dining partner had opted for the unique Chia Seed Black Peppercorn Crusted Halibut ($27). It was served with zucchini spaghetti, yellow and red tomatoes, edamame and white butter. What a combination!

And of course, we had room for dessert and tea.

resto3-500x500The Swiss Chocolate Truffle Cake ($9)

resto4-500x500Hazelnut Slice ($9) with feuillete crunch, rich chocolate glaze and vanilla ice cream.

This meal was amazing! It pretty much ruined us for all meals in New Brunswick. 🙂

The high quality of the food combined with the attention to detail in the ingredients and the beautiful plating makes it easy to see why reservations go quickly.

I also thought that the price was quite reasonable for an upscale restaurant, compared to the prices in Toronto! If you are ever in St. Andrews, this is a must eat.

The Rossmount Inn is at 4599 Route 127, PO Box 3911, St. Andrews, NB

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