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Daytripping: The Kissing Bridge in Woolwich, Ontario



The moment the weather turns warm, I’m day dreaming about where to go. At the top of my list for fun day trips was this- the West Montrose Covered Bridge (aka, The Kissing Bridge)!

A kissing bridge is a wooden bridge that is covered on the roof and the sides. It got its name because when you are inside the bridge you can’t be seen…and could be doing anything, I suppose. ūüėČ

The longest kissing bridge in the world is in Manitoba! (I will get to this one day.)

This beautiful kissing bridge is the oldest one in Ontario, and spans 198′ across the Grand River. Despite being 132 years old, the bridge is a pretty popular location. Within the couple of hours I was there I spotted a group of¬†Mennonite children, tourists, and many couples. There was also quite a bit of local traffic going through the bridge.


You can walk through the bridge…and you should! Legend says that if you close your eyes, hold your breath and cross your fingers while crossing a kissing bridge, your wish will come true!


While you are in the area, visit one of the most popular farmer’s market in Ontario- St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market. The perfect day!

Woolwich, Ontario is approx. an hour and a half away from Toronto.

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