15 Nuit Blanche projects you should definitely see

It’s my favouite time of year…Nuit Blanche! The city comes alive and people wander the streets in search of art. What could be better? This year brings us almost 90 art projects set to the theme of Continuum. It all goes down on October 5th from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Here are my top picks of what to see.

Chasing Red | Downtown

A dynamic light installation depicting the northern lights is created by Bekah Brown, an artist of Anishinaabe descent who grew up on Dene territory.

Transformation | Downtown

This immersive, multi-sensory exhibit will bring the beauty of nature to life inside the soaring MaRS atrium, highlighting the urgent need to protect our ravaged planet.

Ephemeral Artifacts | Scarborough

This sonic, sculptural and performance installation offers the experience of slowing time, space and the senses. The dancing bodies of Scarborough are honoured here.

Lunar Garden | Downtown

In the largest Japanese-inspired garden he’s ever created, Daniel Arsham will bring the moon to downtown Toronto—along with his iconic brightly coloured sand and sculptures.

Nucleus | Fort York

An illuminated orb responds to the energy and presence of bystanders. Glowing pulses of light and radiating sound offer the cycle of life, reimagined.

Where Are We Now? | Scarborough

Composed of contemporary illustrations of Black women, this installation highlights Black female representation in formal art spaces

Equilibrium | Sterling Road

“Equilibrium” invites audience members of all ages to interact with hundreds of balancing porcelain birds, leaving their vulnerability in the holder’s hands.

Death by Committee – On and on and on and on | West Queen West

Thousands of sashes, each a part of an infinitely repeating poem, will be freely given to the public to circulate throughout the night and beyond.

Call My Name | Downtown

This monumental installation, created with 100 photographs, a tree and hundreds of lanterns, will make you think about the value of each human life.

The Big Feminist Game Show | Scarborough

Girls! Girls! Girls! This unapologetically fun and fast-paced livestreamed event will test Torontonians on their knowledge of the very thing that makes the world go round.

LeuWebb Projects – Thermally Speaking | Fort York

We are all energy—heat and water, dark matter and light. Explore a ramp to nowhere, and find out what lies on the other side.

Kaleidoscopic: A Social Media Trinity

An Instagrammable kaleidoscopic art installation invites visitors to explore a need for social validation and self-promotion in the digital age.

Aquarius | Bloor-Yorkville

This interactive installation transports you to a city submerged by rising oceans, exploring the promise and peril of technological progress for life on Earth.

Sounding Bodies | Fort York

Step into a larger-than-life instrument. Building materials will vibrate with vitality, and voices and sounds familiar and strange will create sonic reflections of place and nation.

Deritrus | Fort York

An artist-made 3D printer will create models of everyday objects out of salt crystals atop shimmering mountains of road salt in a cathedral-like storage dome.


  • Don’t plan out your night. That’s right, don’t plan it out. The night is much more successful if you wander around the city and find projects randomly. Pick an area where you know there will be some projects. It’s really stressful to be looking forward to a project and have to wait for hours in line. The lines can be long, and they fluctuate throughout the night.
  • But if you do plan your night… Try to choose large scale projects that are outdoors and won’t be crowded.
  • Bring snacks! You will be hungry and thirsty so be prepared! Stores are catching on and are staying open later, but can’t always be depended on.
  • Dress warmly The weather is unpredictable and can be freezing cold or even raining. Be prepared and check the weather before you go.
  • Don’t try to see everything. You can’t, and will just end up frustrated and sad. Check the website and pick some of your favourites. Wander around the area that hosts your favourite projects. Try to see your project, but if you can’t, keep checking other projects in the area.
  • Take the TTC With the exception of the Queen Street car, the subways are the perfect way to get around during Nuit Blanche. The TTC is going to be free if you enter at Scarborough Town Centre!

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