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ZERO by Skin Academy is au natural

There’s a bit of chill in the air, and it’s my favourite time of year…fall! This year has been brutal on my skin, in particularly for my hands. I’ve been constantly washing and sanitizing my hands multiple times a day, and it has taken a toll on my skin.

When I discovered ZERO skin care, I was excited to check out the line, but especially their hand lotion.

But let me back up. What is ZERO? ZERO is an all-natural, planet-friendly skincare brand from England. Products are made with high quality and 100% natural ingredients. From the ingredients to the packaging itself, everything has been carefully designed and thought out.

I love the beautiful eco-friendly packaging of the products. Every part of the package is fully recyclable . The lids are made out of bamboo, and the glass jars can be reused or recycled. The tube for the hand cream is made out of sugarcane ethanol, and is fully recyclable.

First up, let’s start with the ZERO by Skin Academy Hand & Nail Cream. This ultra-soft cream is packed with Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Sacha Inchi Seed Oil and Shea Butter. It doesn’t leave my hands oily, and leaves them feeling super soft!

In the morning, I’ve been using the Face Scrub ($27) to refresh my skin. Instead of using tiny plastic beads, this scrub uses ground Apricot seeds to exfoliate. It’s great for removing dry, dead skin and extra oil.

The Zero Day Cream ($35) is a bestseller, and I can see why. Not only am I in love with the packaging, but it’s a soft, moisturizing cream. It has a gentle scent that comes from the ingredients inside. It’s made with Shea butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil.

It’s easy to see the love and care that goes into each ZERO Beauty product. The line includes a face wash, night cream and more. ZERO is exclusively sold by Shopper’s Drug Mart. Check out the collection here!

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