Yorkdale Dine On 3

Today I got a chance to visit the slick new food court at Yorkdale Mall. This elevated new space has some old favourites, such as Manchou Wok, Subway and New York Fries, as well as some delicious new additions. Big Smoke Burger and Amaya Express might be familiar to some, but what about Su & Shi, a noodle bar brought to us by Spring Rolls, or La Paloma, providing us with Italian gelato? Dine on 3 will also be the home for Espressamente Illy and the largest in the world and the first in-centre cafe in Canada.

Similar to the Eaton Center, all plates, trays and glasses are ceramic and reusable. Unlike the Eaton Center, Dine on 3 has a beautiful outdoor patio, and free WiFi for all. You can actually reserve a table and get a spritz of perfume from the perfume butler.

Dine on 3 has also spruced up the Yorkdale app. Available for iPhone and Android, this application lets you view menus, reserve a table, and browse the different places to eat at the food court. Download the app free, here for iTunes and for Android.

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  • Shan B
    November 17, 2012 at 6:47 PM

    I love the new food court, every time i go there I get heart palpitations over the anticipation of getting to hit up all the new spots! Definitely going to Amaya bread bar net time I’m there. Which is your favourite spot.

    -Shan B

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