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Winterlicious at Pizza e Pazzi

IMG_7408I have a bunch of favourite restaurants that I inexplicably haven’t written about yet, and Pizza e Pazzi is one of them.  I was thrilled when they participated in Winterlicious this year!

They make one of my favourite Neapolitan style pies in the city, and have a custom wood burning pizza oven that traveled all the way from Naples. Fun fact: I always thought Pizza e Pazzi meant pizza and pasta. Nope, it means “Pizza and the Crazies.” We stopped in for the $15 Winterlicious lunch.

IMG_20140204_121702027They started us off with some warm housemade foccacia and spreads. I thought this was really nice, as some restaurants that usually offer bread during meals opt not to serve this during Winterlicious.

IMG_20140204_122850417Another thing- their portions were huge! My friend chose the Insalata di rucola with arugula and cherry tomatoes dressed with evoo and balsamic vinegar.

IMG_20140204_122905083I had the Bruschetta al pomodoro, two large slices of grilled bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and served with tomatoes and basil. It was delicious and the tomatoes were really fresh.

My friend and I couldn’t resist ordering their Pizza Margherita as our main. A tomato based pizza topped with extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella di bufala dop and basil.

IMG_20140204_124850409Mmmmm. The pizza was so good. I love their chewy crust and thick tomato sauce. One of the best pies in the city. Our served was very nice and we had prompt service.

However, we didn’t budget enough time and had to run back to work! We had to take them to go, and this is why I don’t have any lovely dessert pictures for you. The best I can do is below…

IMG_20140204_145240167Salame al cioccolato is a chocolate salami made with chocolate, butter, eggs and rhum. It was like a soft, chocolatey biscotti and made a lovely afternoon snack.

Pizza e Pazzi is worth a visit anytime! Check out their regular menu.

Pizza e Pazzi, 1182 St. Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON.

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