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Weekend Getaway in Grey County: Alpacas, Suspension Bridges & More

There’s so much to see and do in Grey County! If you live in Toronto or the GTA area, it’s not very far but feels worlds away. I spent a wonderful summer weekend in Grey County. Here’s what I did!

Stay in a Cottage by the Lake

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The Cedars of Lake Eugenia have it all. Waterfront views, chef cooked meals and a comfortable bed to rest your head. Read all about my stay here.

Make Some Alpaca Friends


I’ve been obsessed with alpacas for awhile. They’re just so cute! I jumped at the chance to visit Kicking Back Alpaca Ranch. The alpacas here are super cute, fluffy and well cared for. The males and females are separated, and I was able to visit them and get a tour. Did you know that baby alpacas are called crias?



The alpacas are shorn for their super soft hair At the farm they have a small short selling yarn, cozy socks and other alpaca hair goods.

Get on a suspension bridge


There are few things that I love more than bridges. So I had to check out the 420 foot suspension bridge at Scenic Caves. This bridge is the longest suspension bridge in southern Ontario! You can walk to the bridge for about 40 minutes, or you can hop on a shuttle to get there.The views of Georgian Bay are beautiful from up there!

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Have fun at Blue Mountain Resort

This was my first time at Blue Mountain Resort, and I had such a fun time. There’s SO much to do, and I wanted to spend way more time there than I had scheduled! While I was there, I knew that there were two activities that I really wanted to try!


The Ridge Runner is a mountain coaster that sends you through 1km of track. You’re behind the wheel and can choose how fast or slow (not too slow!) that you want to go. I loved zipping down the tracks at speeds up to 42KM!

Open Air Gondola


It’s really relaxing to sit in this open air gondola and take in the views of Georgian Bay and the mountain. Imagine how stunning it would be in the fall!

Get Some R&R


The Scandinavian Spa Blue Mountain knows relaxation. This outdoor water spa has a series of pools and baths for visitors to cycle through for the optimal relaxation. Cycle between their hot tubs, cold plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms! The spa is nestled within 25 acres of pristine maple and pine trees. Get there early to avoid the crowds, and be prepared to relax.

Have Dinner at the Flying Chestnut


I should amend this title to say, “Eat everything at the Flying Chestnut.” The menu is eclectic and fresh. When I went, they were serving up an amazing tandoori chicken supreme with a crispy onion bahjit. We also had the steak and the pasta. Every dish was outstanding.


Dinner started with these house made rolls and delicious homemade butters. The butters that night was a curry butter and a cheddar and chive butter. The way to my heart is through bread and butter, and they nailed it out of the park. To top it off, the same owners/chef behind this spot are also behind one of the best burgers that I’ve ever eaten.


No matter what you do, you’re sure to enjoy your weekend in Grey County!





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