Wedding DIY: Marble Escort Cards


I got married over the summer, and planning was a whirlwind! Between reading wedding blogs, to being on Pinterest 24/7 I had tons of ideas. I wanted guests to be able to find their tables easily at my wedding. I remember previous weddings where guests were crowded around a seating chart, and I remember having a hard time finding my name. That’s why I decided to use escort cards for my wedding.

What’s an escort card, you say? An escort card is a card that has your name and the table that you will be sitting at. It’s called an escort card because it literally escorts you to your table. Don’t confuse this (as my fiancé did) with a place card, which is a card that’s already at your table when you arrive, showing you where your seat is. Oy.

I loved the idea of creating something that guests could keep, so I decided to create handwritten escort tiles out of beautiful marble tiles that I found at Home Depot. I’ve always loved the tile aisle at Home Depot (seriously!) and I was happy to be able to take some tiles home. Thanks to Home Depot for providing me with the tiles to create this DIY!

The marble tiles that I chose were Greecian White Arabesque tiles ($20.97). They came in natural grey and white stone with 28 tiles per sheet. Because the stone was natural, there were slight colour differences in the marble.

You’ll Need:
Metallic Sharpies in your preferred shade
Wet wipes

Note: I chose to leave my tiles attached while writing out my guest names. The Sharpie ink dried quickly enough that I never smudged any of the names I had just written, and I found it easier to store all of the tiles on one big sheet. You may choose to start by cleaning off your tiles and removing them from the sheet first, and that’s totally okay. Just start at Step 3 and then go to step 2.

Step 1: Practice your hand writing!

Take some time to decide your handwriting. Will you use your own natural handwriting? Practice calligraphy? Or use a more modern style? Practice a bit before going for it. Because these tiles are made out of natural stone, some tiles were better to write on then others, depending on the stone. Keep a wet wipe handy so that you can quickly wipe off any mistakes. I tried using a black Sharpie and realized I didn’t like it, so I stuck with gold.

Step 2: Get writing!
Write out each name as carefully as you can.


Step 3: Separate the tiles
You’ve done the hardest part! Now it’s time to separate the tiles. Carefully detach each tile from the netting. Use sandpaper to remove the glue at the back of the tile.

1-2Step 4: Display
You’re done! Now all you have to do is figure out the best way to display your brand new escort cards.


Be sure to visit Home Depot to see all of their beautiful tiles. Hexagons, triangles and some pretty unique shapes are all available. Check them all out here.




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