[Watch it!] The Dressmaker Review & TIFF Red Carpet Photos



Visually stunning, the cinematography of The Dressmaker grabs you from the opening shot of a bus traveling along the stark Australian outback.

The film sometimes feels like a classic Western, right down to the soundtrack that goes along with the film. Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, Judy Davis, Sarah Snook and Hugo Weaving do an outstanding job in this film.

In it, Tilly, (Kate) returns to her small town to take care of her ailing mother (Judy). She and the town still bear some deep scars from the death of a classmate from her childhood that got her banished from the town. She’s a dressmaker from Paris, and quickly sets up shop, transforming the bland townsfolk to style hounds.

Her stunning dress creations seems out of place and otherworldly in this small town, and is a strong juxtaposition to the plan, small town background.

As we meet the cross dressing police chief, boy next door and the townsfolk, it becomes clear that many have some secrets. At times, loud and brassy, and other times breathtakingly sad (including the most unexpected death I’ve ever seen in a film).

This film will lead you through an emotional rollercoaster and through some bizarre twists. Expect beautiful dresses, revenge, bittersweet romance and an altogether delightful film.

For the record, Liam, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice to go out with you! Here are some photos from the red carpet.

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