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Hotel Dalla Mora in Venice



After arriving from our cramped, overpriced hotel in Paris in May, this hotel was an airy piece of heaven. The Hotel Dalla Mora is owned by a pair of super nice brothers, (Alessandro & Francesco). To get to the hotel, you have to navigate the twisty streets and crazy bridges (why, why would you put so many steps on a bridge??) with your super large suitcase. But once you are there, it’s worth it.


This is the view from my bedroom of the hotel patio.


The bedroom was very clean, spacious and came to $135 for the night. Although the room was very simple, it was elegant with it’s wood paneling and sweet wardrobe that locked with an antique key. The bathroom was also very clean. The WiFi was free and had a strong connection.



Breakfast was included with the cost of the hotel. It was served in the hotel’s breakfast room, and was a typical Italian breakfast of coffee/tea, croissants, crackers and other small pastries.

Getting around was pretty simple, and once we got the layout of the city, it only took us about 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to the train station.

Nearby there are restaurants and some cute shops. (a leather store, glass bead store and a mask shop!)

Hotel Dalla Mora has a tiny canal behind it. It was very nice, but just note that the ferry buses do not go here. If you want to use the canal, you would have to call a water taxi and they are very expensive.

Hotel Dalla Mora is a 1 star hotel, but I give it 4 stars for comfort, cleanliness and service.

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