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UNEEKs are perfect for an adventurous summer


KEEN has been busy. Not only do they create really comfy shoes, they’ve just come up with a totally new and innovative shoe. Uneek shoes have no glue, stitches or welding. Created simply from two cords and a sole, these shoes are dubbed, “open air shoes.”

Although Uneek shoes have no glue, stitches or welding, they weren’t created from just any two cords and a sole. The entire shoe took two years to develop. The goal was to have the shoe conform to your foot. There are only two materials on the upper of the shoe- microfibre and the cord. Inside the cord in a non-stretch, water-repellent polyester to give the shoe strength, and to repel water out.


The sole is made up of a microfiber foot-bed and the bottom is a high-traction rubber outsole with razor siping for superior grip on wet surfaces.

The shoes are available in 14 colours! Here are just a few.


UNEEKs look and sound good, but how do they feel? Awesome. I tested out the Black & Bougainvillea.These shoes are incredibly light and comfy. Perfect for packing on a trip, going camping, or walking in rivers. (They drain really easily.) The sole is very comfortable and flexible.


I’m so excited that summer is around the corner, because these are truly the perfect shoes for an adventurous summer. Pick up a pair of UNEEKs and see for yourself! The shoes are available at 200 stores across Canada, or online:

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