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Toronto Star Cookbook


If you love Toronto, you’re going to love the Toronto Star Cookbook. “Saucy Lady” Jennifer Bain has complied a beautiful cookbook filled with over 150 recipes from across Ontario.

Just like Ontario, it’s chock full of recipes from different ethnicities and cultures. Recipes for Jamaican oxtail,  BiBimbap and beef koftas can be found among classics like caprese salad, buttermilk scones or pasta with tomato basil sauce.

The best thing about this cookbook is that it teaches you how to make popular dishes from some famed Toronto restaurants and shops. Learn how to make the Harbod Room’s Cornbread, Mary MacLeod‘s Brown-Sugar Shortbread and other Toronto foodie favourites!

The recipes are easy to follow and have full colour photos. I made Garlic Basil Smashed Potatoes!

The Toronto Star Cookbook is a family-friendly cookbook filled with recipes for classic comfort food like rice pudding two ways (diner-style and upscale) apple crisp (made with three varieties of apple) and grilled cheese (updated with smoked cheese and sriracha ketchup), and classic Ontario dishes (True North Flatbread, My Mom’s Pan-Fried Pickerel and The Hogtown Sandwich). In reflection of Toronto’s multicultuarl food scene, it includes dishes from more than two dozen cultures, including Chinese noodles, Indian dosas, Korean rice bowls, Mexican soup, Lebanese dips, Ethiopian beans and Vietnamese sub.


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