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Got Brita? Living plastic bottle free

Living in a condo downtown has changed my lifestyle in tiny little ways that I didn’t expect to change. Some things I saw coming. Getting to the office from downtown is so much faster. I love being able to walk to different shops and bakeries. One thing I didn’t consider was my water consumption.
Before we moved into the condo, we had a fridge that had it’s own cold water and ice cubes. Now, our new fridge doesn’t have water and ice built in. As we adjusted to our new condo life, I found myself reaching for bottled water, over and over again. After checking out my shopping list one day, and added bottled water to the list, my husband suggested, “Why don’t we get a Brita?”


Kikkerland Faves


1. Morph Coffee Heart Mug ($10): This mug is my favourite! The heart is black…until you fill it with a warm liquid and it turns red.

2. Leaf Tea Infuser ($12): This floating leaf steeps your tea!

3. 6 Foot Micro USB cable ($12.50) This cable stretches any and everywhere- keeping you connected. I love this cable because it stretches from the outlet on the wall to my bed. Perfect for keeping my phone charged!

4. Dapper Drink Markers: ($5) How classy would you be with these fun drink markers at your party?

5. Morph Cherry Blossom Mug ($12): Watch the trees bloom to life when you pour in your hot liquid!

6. Woodland Animals Bag Clips ($4): The cutest way to keep your food fresh!

Cake Decorating with Gabby Parisi from Cake Boss



I was thrilled (and a little nervous) to have the chance to learn how to decorate cakes with Gabby Parisi, a cake decorator from the Cake Boss bakery!

Thanks to Canadian Tire, Gabby was there to teach us how to cover a cake with fondant using new Cake Boss cake decorating tools. Now, I’m no stranger to cake decorating tips and tools, but I am def. a fondant newbie.



Armed with coloured fondant, a rolling pin and this handy dandy fondant tool (above) I was ready to give it a shot. Gabby was very patient with everyone.

Rolling out fondant is a lot harder than it looks! Gabby taught us to “stretch and tuck” the fondant around our cake. We carefully trimmed away the extra fondant, and now it was time for the fun part- decorating!

I decided to decorate my cake using polka dots (made with the precise circles set) and a crimped bow. I think it turned out pretty well!


I liked using the Cake Boss tools. My favourite tool of the day was the Cake Boss Decorating Turntable.

It was handy to be able to quickly rotate the cake while decorating it, and equally helpful that you were able to stop the spinning to focus on one area of the cake.


I can’t wait to practice decorating more cakes with my new Cake Boss tools! Check them out.

Setting the Bubbles Free with SodaStream




Earlier this month, I went to an event that featured SodaStream. Prior to this, I had no idea what a SodaStream machine was. I have a vague memory of a childhood friend having an Italian Soda machine, and that basically sums up my knowledge.

So what is SodaStream? SodaStream is a machine that allows you to turn tap water (any water, really) into a delicious sparkling flavoured drink. You can make your own pop at home! Aside from saving money, this machine can help impact the environment in a positive way. If you are making your own pop at home, then it cuts down on the amount of plastic pop bottles you are consuming.

You can try over 60 flavours with your SodaStream machine, thanks to Kraft. Choose from favourite Kool-Aid flavours, Crystal Lite or go for classics such as lemonade, cherry cola, cream soda and more!

If that wasn’t enough, there’s really nothing stopping you from buying your own syrups and experimenting. I have some serious plans to make a Shirley Temple.

I was given my own SodaStream to try out and to set the bubbles free in my own house! I had a lot of fun setting it up.



The starter kit is pretty simple to use, and comes with a carbonator bottle, 9 different flavour samples and an easy how-to guide. To set it up, all I had to do was pop the carbonator into the machine. Once that was done, I filled up the 1liter bottle that came inside of my kit with water. I attached it to the machine and pushed down to choose my level of carbonation.

As you push down, the machine lights up to let you know what level of carbonation your drink has. This was lots of fun! I like my drink fizzy, so I pushed a few times.


And that’s it! You have a deliciously fizzy drink waiting to be enjoyed. This would be really fun to use while entertaining.

What do you think? Would you try a SodaStream machine? Do you own one?

modestly marvellous mug

Isn’t this distressed dot mug adorable?
It’s from the UK, from Lisa Stickley. Her site has all sorts of charming dinnerware, laptop bags and stationary. Pay it a visit!

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