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Cherry Blossoms in High Park 2013



One year, I went to High Park and all of the cherry blossoms were gone. That was incredibly sad, so each year I make sure to follow the Cherry Blossom Watch so that I won’t miss out!

If you’ve been waiting, wait no more! The cherry blossoms have peaked and will be around for the next two weeks. Go and see them! Be careful where you park, because it can be hard to find a spot and you will get ticketed if you park in the wrong spot!








Daytripping: The Humber River Pedestrian Bridge



I’m really happy that the weather is warming up, and that summer will be here soon! I went for a walk on the Humber Pedestrian Bridge.


This is a bridge of many names. It’s known as the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, Humber River Arch Bridge, and the Gateway Bridge. Oy.  The bridge was completed in the mid-1990s and spans 100 meters over the Humber River.


This busy Etobicoke spot is great for walking, cycling and taking in the waterfront. You can walk along the Shared Path, under the bridge and take in some swans.




I’ve also been told that this is a really romantic spot when the sun goes down. You can see all of the city lights. As you walk along the bridge, you can also see that many couples have locked their love onto the bridge, like in Italy. Cute!


Click here to see a map of the Humber River Bridge. Please note that parking can be hard to find in the summer months, and is mostly paid. (we found free parking though!)

Daytripping: Ball’s Falls Conservation Area


Ball’s Falls (tee hee)  Conservation Area is located in the Twenty Valley watershed in Jordan, Ontario. It’s super close to Niagara Falls.

The area is named after John and George Ball, soldiers who received land for their loyalty to the British Crown in 1783.

“Ball’s Falls offers visitors a largely undisturbed, historically important site of industry and settlement in early Niagara dating back to the early 19th Century, as well as a rich and diverse set of archaeological resources dating back more than 2,000 years.

The buildings present an impressive assemblage of related structures, both industrial and domestic, spanning the full 19th century and early decades of the 20th century.”

There are lots of historic buildings to explore, including a historic garden and a rambling old barn. It was a beautiful place to explore on a crisp fall day! The colours were gorgeous. We checked out the lower waterfall (which is as wide as it is tall) and walked around a bit. Check out the photos!

A Stormy Fall Day in Uxbridge

The other day, much to my delight, I was invited to a new family friends house in Uxbridge. They keep their own chickens and have horses on their beautiful property. I had a great day visiting the horses and having farm fresh eggs and chicken.

Chickens in the coop!

Tiny chickens keeping warm under the heat lamp.

A perfect day!

Daytripping: Tobermory

Going up to Tobermory is a perfect fall day trip. The crowds have thinned out so you can actually enjoy the scenery! I went camping and spent one day in the town. Tobermory is about 5 hours away from Toronto, so make sure you plan to stay over night! It’s famous for its unique formation of “flowerpot” rocks. While we were there, we hopped on a glass bottom boat tour ($35). I strongly recommend that you book your tickets. Even though we went off season, we only got on the boat because of a cancellation!

Before we went on our boat tour, we stopped for lunch at the Fish & Chips Place. They specialize in Georgian Bay Whitefish. The fish was very fresh and lightly battered. I think it could have used some more seasoning though, because it wasn’t that flavourful. After lunch we went to board the boat.

The boat tour takes you out to Flowerpot Island, which is in Fathom Five National Marine Park. It’s a lot of fun, and you get to see some shipwrecks. The water is super clear, but in my opinion the “glass bottom” feature isn’t really worth it. It’s so tiny that you might as well just look over the side of the boat. When we got closer, we went on a zodiac boat to take us to the island. The boat drops you off on the island for about 2 hours. You get to hike around and explore the formations. They were beautiful!

Daytripping at Georgian Bay Islands National Park

On a Sunday morning, my boy and I packed a picnic lunch and drove 2 hours from Toronto to the Georgian Bay Islands National Park. The park features hiking trails through hardwood forest and granite hills and clear waters and sandy beaches for swimming.  The island where the park is located is the largest island and is named Beausoleil.  Be sure to admire the beauty of the Canadian Shield.

This park is…you guessed it, on an island! Just getting there is an adventure! We booked a spot on the Daytripper, the boat that takes you to and from the island. The Daytripper makes 3 trips to the island daily and costs $15 per person. Choose from 11am, 12pm or 1pm. The boat will drop you off for 4 hours on the island, and then pick you up from the same spot. The boat ride was a lot of fun! It’s a tiny zippy boat, and it was enjoyable to speed through the waters and take in the pretty cottages.

You can choose to be dropped off at the near the visitors center, or at the more secluded and rocky part of the island. Once you get to there, take your time to relax and explore. You can swim in the clear water, visit the visitor center, go on a guided walk or rent bikes!

We decided to rent mountain bikes and take them out onto a trail. A bike rental costs $10 per hour or $25 for the day. We explored the “easy” Huron trail. We are both beginner bikers, so it was hard for us! The earth was very sandy and we kept sinking into the sand. Once we made it out of that part, it was a fun, but hot, ride. The bikes were brand new and amazing. The shocks were perfect and the brakes were really responsive. The bike just zipped over ginormous rocks and sticks that littered the trail.

After that we were pretty knackered, so we went to visit the Visitor’s Center. We said hello to Pineapple the snake (the best name) and ate our picnic lunch. We also walked some of the trails. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the mainland. Georgian Bay Islands National park offers camping on the island and you can also canoe or kayak in, instead of taking the Daytripper. The park is beautiful and it’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday in the summer or fall. For more information, please visit the park website.

Note: July 21, 2012 is Free Park Day! All National Parks will have free admission, and some will have special activities!

Daytripping: Webster’s Falls Conservation Area

At Webster’s Falls Conservation Area, there are lots of chances to get up close and personal with the waterfalls. This Dundas, Ontario gem has not one, but two waterfalls on site. (Hamilton boasts a whopping 96 waterfalls!)

Tew’s Falls is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, and Webster’s Falls is the tallest within the city of Hamliton. With its tiny bridges and steep but picturesque steps,it’s a great place to explore and have a picnic. Admission is $10 per car, and the park closes at sundown.

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