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A Winter Adventure at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Who said winter is for hibernating indoors? Bundled up in my warmest down-filled winter coat and boots, I took the Parkbus, along with other bloggers, journalists and photographers, to Arrowhead Provincial Park in Hunstville. In celebration of Ontario Parks 125th anniversary and the Arrowhead Visitor Centre grand opening, Ontario Parks arranged the tour. Just over two hours north of Toronto, Arrowhead is the perfect getaway to explore nature and beautiful scenery without venturing out too far away from home. (more…)

A Winter Sleigh Ride at Dual Acres


When people say that there’s nothing to do in the winter, it baffles me. There’s so much to do! Whether you stay in Toronto or go a bit further to neighboring regions, you can definitely find a way to enjoy the winter.

For me, one of my winter goals for the last few years has been to go on a sleigh ride. Last month, in Grey County, my sleigh ride dreams came true! (more…)

Weekend Getaway in Grey County: Alpacas, Suspension Bridges & More

There’s so much to see and do in Grey County! If you live in Toronto or the GTA area, it’s not very far but feels worlds away. I spent a wonderful summer weekend in Grey County. Here’s what I did!

Stay in a Cottage by the Lake

1-IMG_2967 1-IMG_2845

The Cedars of Lake Eugenia have it all. Waterfront views, chef cooked meals and a comfortable bed to rest your head. Read all about my stay here.

Make Some Alpaca Friends


I’ve been obsessed with alpacas for awhile. They’re just so cute! I jumped at the chance to visit Kicking Back Alpaca Ranch. The alpacas here are super cute, fluffy and well cared for. The males and females are separated, and I was able to visit them and get a tour. Did you know that baby alpacas are called crias?



The alpacas are shorn for their super soft hair At the farm they have a small short selling yarn, cozy socks and other alpaca hair goods. (more…)

Toronto in Winter: Winterlicious, Hot Chocolate & More!

So far, we’ve been lucky enough in Toronto to have a very mild winter! Usually by this time, we are knee deep in snow, and bundled up in down parkas. Winter will come, eventually, and when it does we’ll be ready! There are lots of fun things to do in this city as the temperature drops. asked me to gather a couple of my favourite things to do in Toronto when it gets cold outside, here are my top picks.


IMG_1694Winterlicious and Summerlicious are prixe fixe menu events in the city. For two glorious weeks, you can enjoy set menus at over 200 restaurants in Toronto! Although this happens again in the summer (hello, Summerlicious!), I have a soft spot for Winterlicious. I use it as a reason to get together with my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, and it gives you something to look forward to in the winter! So how does it work? You can get a 3 course lunch for $18, $23 or $28, depending on the restaurant. Dinner starts at $25 and goes up to $45. (more…)

Perth Pork Farm in Stratford



IMG_9070 I was a little hesitant (but also very excited…a farm!) to visit the working Perth Pork Products in Stratford. The farm raises a variety of pigs including Tamworth, Wild Boars, Ironage and Berkshire. The Tamworth pig is especially prized by chefs for it’s smoky taste. Many Stratford and Toronto chefs buy their pork from this farm.

As we muck around the farm, the air is fresh and it’s a beautiful day. The family comes out to greet us. Yes, this is a family farm and it goes back to 1850! Fred and Ingrid de Martines are orginailly from the Netherlands. The run the farm with the help of their children. Fred led us around the farm and we saw the indoor barn, feed crops and of course…pigs!



It’s clear that the pigs are well cared for and loved by the entire family. “They love to eat the walnuts,” Fred tells us fondly, gesturing to the wild boars. He tosses them a handful, and the boars run to the nuts and crunch contentedly.  Awwww.



At the end, their daughter brought out a tiny baby pig to say hi. It was so cute! It’s a bit sad to think about it being eaten. To finish up the tour, we were given samples of sausage and boar sausage. I hate to say it…but it was delicious. The tour taught me a lot about pigs and it was cool to see where my food comes from.

Want to visit? You can arrange your own farm tour here. If you go to the farm, you can buy bacon and sausage on site from their tiny shop. Yum.

Perth Pork Products Ltd. de Martines Family Farm  4538 line 38, Sebringville, Ontario

Daytripping: The Kissing Bridge in Woolwich, Ontario



The moment the weather turns warm, I’m day dreaming about where to go. At the top of my list for fun day trips was this- the West Montrose Covered Bridge (aka, The Kissing Bridge)!

A kissing bridge is a wooden bridge that is covered on the roof and the sides. It got its name because when you are inside the bridge you can’t be seen…and could be doing anything, I suppose. 😉

The longest kissing bridge in the world is in Manitoba! (I will get to this one day.)

This beautiful kissing bridge is the oldest one in Ontario, and spans 198′ across the Grand River. Despite being 132 years old, the bridge is a pretty popular location. Within the couple of hours I was there I spotted a group of Mennonite children, tourists, and many couples. There was also quite a bit of local traffic going through the bridge.


You can walk through the bridge…and you should! Legend says that if you close your eyes, hold your breath and cross your fingers while crossing a kissing bridge, your wish will come true!


While you are in the area, visit one of the most popular farmer’s market in Ontario- St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market. The perfect day!

Woolwich, Ontario is approx. an hour and a half away from Toronto.

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