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Charge faster on the go with TYLT’s new RIBBN Car Charger

It may come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am obsessed with my cell phone and with keeping it charged! That’s why I love using the TYLT band charger while on the go in the car. It lets two phones charge at once so no one has to fight over the car input. Here’s my review of the original charger.

This year they’ve come out with a new, faster and improved charger, the RIBBN. To test it out, I took it on a bunch of road trips with some friends. I didn’t tell them I was reviewing it, but I just had it plugged into the car for them to use. (more…)

[Review] Motorola Moto X 2014


My first phone was a Motorola. I still remember that Motorola C333.  We’ve come a long way since then, but my love for Motorola hasn’t wavered. If anything….with the addition of Android, it’s grown! I was very happy to get my hands on a Moto X 2014 to take with me on my trip to Japan earlier this month. I’m already a happy owner of a Moto X first generation.

One of the things that I loved about the Motorola X in the USA was that you could customize the back with wood, leather, or whatever colour you wanted. I was a little disappointed that in Canada, the first gen Moto X only came in black and white. When I was sent a Moto X with a bamboo back, I was thrilled! (Get one here!) (more…)

Getting Connected with Linksys

It’s crazy how much we rely on the internet. Our phones sync to it, we stream music, store things in the cloud, tablets, use wireless speakers…. and instead of one family computer, everyone has a laptop.

It’s important, more than ever, to have a strong home network. You shouldn’t have to stress about your network failing, or having “dead zones” in your house. Enter Linksys.

I set up a brand new network from top to bottom using Linksys. I used the Linksys WRT1900AC Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router.

1-December 2014

In the box:


Montreal with the Nikon Coolpix P600

I’m on the hunt for a new camera, so I jumped at the chance to review the Nikon Coolpix P600.

1-IMG_20140928_173718019Pushing NIKKOR optics to new heights, the COOLPIX P600 boasts a 60x optical zoom from a wide-angle 24mm to an astonishing 1440mm (35mm equivalent) range, and can reach even further using Dynamic Fine Zoom*. Lens Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilization helps reduce the effects of camera shake, allowing users to capture clear photos from incredible distances. With built-in Wi-Fi2, users can easily share amazing photos with family and friends by transferring images to a compatible smartphone or tablet and uploading them to their social networks. (more…)

My Week with the Nikon 1 J3



The Nikon 1 J3 turns heads. In the short week that I had it, it prompted hairstylists backstage at Fashion Week, waitresses at restaurants and passing strangers to start conversations and compliment it. It’s definitely one of the most useful and stylish accessories I’ve ever had!

Of course, the J3 does more than just look good around your neck!


Stop fighting on roadtrips with the Tylt Band Car Charger [Review]


My boyfriend and I like to take road trips together. This means that we spend an unseemly amount of time in a car. We generally use our Android phones to navigate, and the battery life can drop pretty quickly. Luckily, we’re able to charge our phones in the car…but there’s only one charging spot for one phone! Woe.

(He usually wins, since his phone is mounted and is actively giving directions. Whatever.)

Enter, the Tylt Band Charger. With Tylt, we don’t have to fight. There is peace. You see, we each get a spot to charge our phone. Even better? It comes with a cable already attached, so I don’t have to tote mine around. And the best part is…it’s beautifully designed and functional!

I took this baby on a trip to New Brunswick, and it kept my phone topped up. The bright blue wide, flat ribbon cable keeps it tangle free, and easy to spot. It’s available for iPhone and Micro-USB devices. The 2.1 Amp lets you charge two phones at once, or a tablet. The charger comes in 4 bright colours: red, blue, lime green or black and retails for $39.99

Click here to buy your own! 


tylt2 You can also purchase from Amazon and Staples.

Tokidoki x Sol Republic Tracks on Ear Headphones Review


I may or may not be a tiny bit obsessed with Tokidoki.  I love them and I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that they were releasing a collection of headphones with Sol Republic. I was very lucky to be able to try out a pair of their headphones! Take a look.




The Tokidoki Tracks on Ear Headphones ($199) are super unique, and well made. Simply unboxing them was lots of fun! Everything was beautifully branded, from the tissue paper right down to the limited edition keychain figurine that came with the headphones. The headphones came with three stickers and a carrying pouch.

Fun stickers!
Branded tissue paper

The headphones are a bit of a DIY project. The ear cups and cable come separately. All you have to do is slide them onto the headband, plug in the cable and voila! Insta-headphones. (This also solves one of my biggest problems with headphones- usually one of the ear phones stop working because of the cable. If that happens, all you have to do is replace the cable!)

The headband is super flexible and very strong. Take a look at those beautiful illustrations!


Now that they’re all set up, here are some specs!

  • Powerful Sound You Can Feel:  Featuring V10 Sound Engines, Tracks HD are fully loaded with deeper bass, higher vocal clarity and crisp vocals so you can feel the full power of your music.
  • Listen In Comfort: Our SonicSoft™ Speaker Pads and extra wide ear cushions let you enjoy your music in comfort for hours.
  • Virtually Indestructible: Constructed of a seriously advanced polymer compound, our FlexTech™ Sound Track headband is built to withstand heavy abuse. Twist it, bend it, drop it – it’s not going to break on you.
  • Personal Style: The world’s first interchangeable headphones, you can swap out our Cleartalk™ cables and Sound Track headbands with ease.
  • Slim-Fit Neo Case: Neoprene sleeve lets you transport your headphones with ease.
  • 3-Button Mic + Music Control: Lets you adjust the volume, pause/resume/skip music and answer/hang-up calls. The high clarity mic captures every word possible.
  • Compatibility: 3-button mic + music control is designed specifically for full feature compatibility with recent generations of Apple devices. The audio and mic are likely to work with most devices that have a 3.5mm jack, including but not limited to, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.


These headphones are incredibly comfortable. The ear cushions are soft but not huge, so it’s perfect for my tiny ears. The sound is clear with a nice deep bass. I found that the sound does leak a little bit from the ear cups. The cable that comes with the headphones is not Android compatible, and didn’t work for my Motorola Razr HD. However, I bought a purple Cleartalk cable, and now it works perfectly. I can pause, skip tracks and answer the phone.

I would recommend these headphones if you are looking for a new pair of daily headphones. They are almost indestructible, comfortable and very stylish. Check out the pair I have, and the other design available!

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