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In the summer and fall, I love to wear ballet flats. Like, all the time.

I really like to wear foot covers with my flats so that my feet stay dry and clean, and my shoes don’t end up smelling less that ideal by the end of summer.

Secret has some pretty cute footcovers! They come in different cuts like ultra low, sneaker cut and more so that you can wear them with a variety of shoes.

The entire Footcover collection is available exclusively at major retailers in Canada.

Visit for more information.

Love it! Blush Lingerie from Montreal

blushlI was delighted to discover a Canadian lingerie brand that I had never heard of before: Blush. They have the most beautiful bras, slips and lingerie sets  with lots of careful details, lacy bits and fun cuts. And I did mention that they were Canadian, right?

Blush was founded in 1988 in Montreal, so they definitely know their stuff. It’s actually run buy the original founding family (the designer’s adult children!) to this day. Sets are available from XS to XL. Here’s a peek of their upcoming Spring collection!

Silks Beautiful: Full Figured Tights

Are you a curvy girl that’s tired of stockings that don’t quite fit right? Maybe they pinch or they roll down as the day goes on. Enter Silks Beautiful.

silks2Silks Beautiful is the ideal solution for full-figured women who often experience great discomfort while wearing traditional pantyhose that provides an improper fit and features snug-fitting waistbands that pinch and roll.

Silks has developed a new knit called Xceptionelle. This innovative knit is constructed in a way that allows for more overall comfort from waist to toe. These stocking feature an ultra-stretch waist and panty area that eliminates any rolling of the waistband or pinching of the inner thigh area. They even constructed the inner thigh area with a higher denier
yarn that helps prevent chafing.

Sizes available

Sounds awesome, right? Silks Beautiful is available in sheer 20-denier pantyhose ($10 in black or natural) and opaque 80-denier tights ( $18 in black). Opaque and sheer knee highs are also available.

I tried out a pair of these stocking in a sheer 20-denier black and they were very comfortable. See for yourself!

Silks and I are giving away a gift basket with these tights and other goodies to once lucky girl. Enter below!

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