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Find your fit with Always My Fit


Since you first got your period, so many things have changed. You got taller, you got bigger. You wear different sized clothing and your bra sized has changed. But what about your pad size? I chatted with Always, and I was shocked to discover that 77% of women say they no longer wear the same dress size from when they first got their period, but half of them still use the same size pad. That’s crazy if you think about it! More than two-thirds of Canadian women experience leaks during their period, and 60% of women are wearing the wrong sized pad. No wonder pads get a bad rap sometimes! Always wants to make this better. (more…)

Show Your Heart for Maternal Health this Mother’s Day


I’ve reached that age where my friends are actually having babies. It still surprises me each time one of my friends says that they’re pregnant, and I’m reminded that we’re technically full blown adults. It’s even more amazing to watch them go from being with child to actually having the cutest (seriously!) babies ever.

We’re really lucky that in Canada, being pregnant is something to be celebrated. Of course, there’s anxiety, fear and stress, something that all expectant mothers face. But women in Canada know that we will be able to safely deliver our babies, and have birth in a hospital (or supervised home birth) if we choose. Not every woman is so lucky. (more…)

Staycation at the Holiday Inn Downtown Centre



This is a sponsored post, but my opinions remain my own!

Sometimes you just need a break. Those breaks can’t always be planned. Lucky for us, Toronto has an abundance of hotels. If you’re feeling stressed out, or want a fun weekend in the city, why not check into a nearby hotel?

I recently checked into the Holiday Inn Downtown. With my IHG Rewards Club membership, I was able to easily book a room with the app, and earn points! Earning points is great because you get rewarded for each stay, and can earn free nights. Not into free hotel stays? Points can be redeemed for flights, music downloads, electronics and gift cards(more…)

Style Jaunt: Puerto Vallarta series with Flare & Transat

1-IMG_0795My favourite thing to do when traveling (um, other than finding amazing food spots, of course) is shop. I love to shop so much that I carry a giant purse, bring a packable duffle bag with me for my purchases, and make my boyfriend pack light so that I can share his suitcase if I shop too much (he’s the best). I just love discovering authentic and local items that you can’t find in your home town to remind you of your international adventure.

In Egypt, I bought a handbag made from camel leather. In Japan, I bought red bean filled maple leaf cakes, and in Italy I shopped the leather market until I found the perfect turquoise satchel.


Stay: Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel

Staying near the airport when you have to catch a flight the next day is an easy, stress free way to travel. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions remain my own.


We stayed in a comfortable Modern Double Bed room. There were tons of power outlets, which I loved, because I travel with a million things that need to be charged up. The beds were especially cozy, with seven (7!) layers of luxury bedding. I had a great sleep.

Ontario Gas BBQ Challenge with Seasons & Suppers: #OGBChallenge

It’s BBQ season! Five bloggers have been challenged to create recipes using Ontario Gas BBQ grilling tools. Each blogger was challenged to create 5 original recipes. I spoke with Jennifer Maloney from Seasons and Suppers, all about BBQ’ing and the #OGBchallenge.

Tell me about your BBQ challenge dishes!

 I was tasked with creating a Thai inspired fruit dessert, Indian inspired pork ribs, a British inspired Beef Burger, an American inspired corn side dish and a Mexican inspired fish appetizer.
ribrackPhoto credit: Jennifer Maloney, Seasons and Suppers


Don’t Cook…Just Eat


When I was younger, we used to have a drawer just for take out menus.  Now, whenever I try to save a take out menu or flyer, someone invariably throws it out, and I end up Googling for the number and menu. It doesn’t have to be like that. There’s a better way.

I’d been seeing ads for for awhile, but didn’t realize how useful it could be until I was searching for my favourite Chinese restaurant, and it came up on On the website, they had listed the entire menu. I didn’t have to open slow loading pdfs or squint at bad jpegs. Once you’ve decided what to order, you can pre-tip!

Not sure where to order from? Simple! Just enter your postal code, select what type of food you feel like eating, and presto. You’ll get a list of restaurants that are available to order from. You can also order to pick up, if you want to grab food on the way home. With service this convenient, why cook at all? (I’m looking at you, Gordon Oliver.) Don’t cook…just eat!

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