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Netflix & Chillax


I love staying in and watching my favourite shows when the weather is chilly outside! Right now, I’m trying to catch up on the Mindy Project and Schitt’s Creek. I usually binge watch Netflix alone in some comfy sweatpants and delicious chocolate chip cookies. Usually my cat Newton will jump in my lap and watch along with me! What shows have you been watching lately on Netflix?

Circa & the Debussy String Quartet bring dazzling show to Toronto


opusThe world-renowned performance troupe Circa and the Debussy String Quartet, are bringing a bold contemporary circus, Opus, to Toronto for five shows only.

“For a long time, we’ve wanted to introduce a new circus work onto our Bluma Stage,” said Matthew Jocelyn artistic & general director of Canadian Stage. “How better to do this than by inviting Australia’s most recognized circus company to join us this season with a remarkable invention also featuring France’s Debussy Quartet and the music of Shostakovitch. This is circus as you have never experienced it, a true meeting of high and low art, and high and low ground.”

In an display of power and virtuosity, Opus features 14 acrobats tumbling, spinning and flying to the sounds of Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich’s string quartets, played live on stage by the Debussy String Quartet. Circa is known for creating new ways to experience circus, merging physicality and poetry to create impossible feats that bend genres and are seemingly effortless. Opus explores the complex relationships between the individual and the group, between the march of history and the dictates of the heart and between the tragic and the comic.

This show looks beautiful and unexpected. I can’t wait to see it! Performances will be held at the Bluma Appel Theatre (27 Front St. E.), from Nov. 12 to 16.

Tickets from $30 to $99 are available online, by phone at 416.368.3110 or in person at the box office. For details visit

Alex Colville Exhibition at the AGO

AlexColvilleI was invited to the AGO one afternoon to check out a preview of the new Alex Colville exhibition. Alex Colville is one of the first internationally acclaimed Canadian Visual Artists. As a special treat, the AGO has a retrospective exhibition of some of the artist most re known bodies of work. His daughter Ann Kitz attended the press conference to  discuss her father’s work.  (more…)

La Bohème: Starving Artists, Paris and Love.

Dimitri Pittas as Rodolfo and Grazia Doronzio as Mimì. Photo: Michael Cooper

So, you’ve visited the ballet. You love musical theatre, and you’ve been to the symphony (Yes, the Pop series counts) at least once. Congratulations, you’re ready to go to the next logical step: The Opera.

Lucky for you, one of the world’s most popular operas is in town at the Four Seasons Centre until October 30th…La Bohème!

La Bohème is funny, easy to understand and relatively short for an opera (only 2 hours and 10 minutes with one intermission). It is sung in Italian with the amazing use of SURTITLES. (More about that later.)

So what’s it all about? Rodolfo and Marcello are starving artists (the original hipsters, as my friend put it) living in a garret in Paris. Rodolfo meets Mimì and is enthralled. Romance ensues.  Marcello is busy dealing with the heartbreak from his on and off again dramatic lover, Musetta. What follows is a lively tale of  life, love and illness  in 19th century Paris with an ultimately tragic ending.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because it’s what the popular musical and movie, RENT is based on. It’s my favourite musical, and I had great fun comparing the characters in my head.

Christian Van Horn as Colline, Joshua Hopkins as Marcello, Joyce El-Khoury as Musetta in a scene from La Bohème. Photo: Michael Cooper

I really enjoyed this opera! Yes, it’s sung in Italian but it’s translated for you with the handy use of Surtitles above the stage. Surtitles are translations of the operas sung or spoken dialogue that are displayed on a screen above the stage while the performance is going on. They were originally developed by the Canadian Opera Company and are now used around the world. Go Canada!

Every single line of this opera is sung, and it’s pretty funny to hear mundane lines such as, “I’m cold,” being sung in Italian in a dramatic fashion.

The second act was my favourite! It was hilarious and involved Musetta flashing her ankles in a very scandalous fashion. She wear a beautiful bustle dress.

I also loved seeing peeks of everyday 19th century life in Paris. We get to see a Christmas street scene with vendors and children. It’s very fun! The supporting cast did a fantastic job as well. As a whole, the opera had a larger cast than I expected it to.

The main cast includes:

Mimì: Grazia Doronzio / Joyce El-Khoury
Musetta: Joyce El-Khoury / Simone Osborne
Rodolfo:  Dimitri Pittas/Michael Fabiano/Eric Margiore
Marcello: Joshua Hopkins / Phillip Addis

Put on your fancy dress, grab your best friend or boy and go and see this opera. Tickets are selling fast and it’s only in town until the end of the month!

La Bohème runs from Oct. 3rd- Oct. 30th at the Four Season Centre in Toronto.

Mysteriously Yours: Uptown Abby

Uptown Abbey

Lord Upton (the Earl of Duke)
is running out of time… and money.

And, with no male heir, his American wife, Abbey, is desperately trying to marry off their daughters.

Things go from bad to worse when a body is discovered.


Was it one of the daughters? Lord or Lady Upton? The Dowager Countess? or… maybe the Butler did it!

Come and join the fun, and see if Lieutenant Carumbo can solve the case before everything is turned Upside Downton, in this classic Drawing Room Mystery!
A hilarious spoof of the popular British TV Drama.

I’ve always wanted to try a mystery dinner theatre, but just never got around to it. I was thrilled to be able to experience the new show at Mysteriously Yours, Uptown Abby.

In my head, I thought that a mystery theater would happen all around me, and that my dining partner may or may not end up dead between the first and second course.

I was only partially wrong. Although the room had a stage, it wasn’t used. Instead, the actors interacted with the audience and the performance took place all around us. Some people did end up dead…but they weren’t surprise actors acting as guests.

It was surprisingly lively and entertaining. It was especially hilarious, because my boyfriend unwittingly became the love interest of a main character. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

As someone whose never seen Dowton Abbey, I didn’t feel like I was missing out from any jokes. The cast was amazing- in particular, the Butler (actors name) was fantastic! And cute. 😉

August 20132

The food was also delicious! Above is daily soup, Stout Braised Beef, Chocolate Brownie and the Pulled Pork on crostini (Chef’s amuse-bouche).

I had a really fun night, go and check it out! Shows play every Friday and Saturday.

Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre
2026 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4S 1Z9


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