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GlobLove Lingerie


GlobLove Lingerie is a Canadian brand that creates soft, feminine lingerie adorned with cute ruffles, lace and bows. The brand is founded by Liana Artinian from Montreal. If it isn’t awesome enough to be supporting a Canadian brand, 5% percent of all proceeds will go toward FINCA, an organization that offers microfinance opportunities to women in developing countries.

Their new collection, Factory Girl, is just as comfy as it is cute. Check it out!



rant: best buy

Today I had a simple goal. To price match this object:

A sony alarm clock radio for my iphone. It was retailing at Best Buy for$99.99, but was on sale for $79.00 for Boxing Week. Since they were sold out at The Source, I simply wanted to price match it, and buy it.

For Christmas, I had gotten a ihome speaker dock. I wanted an alarm clock radio, though.

I went to three Best Buy’s and one Futureshop in desperation. Even the future shop, where there was NO SALE, was sold out. Even though it was retailing for $109.99! Despite being told that they had “lots” at Best Buy, at 9:50pm, when I went there was none. I can’t belive that this is so hard to get a hold of. The sale isn’t -that- good. Best Buy has other, cheaper docks on sale. Is everyone trying to price match? Does the world hate me?

All I know is that I have 2 more days to try and find a store that actually still carries this.This irks me so much. On Saturday, I was in Best Buy beside a stack of at least 30. Of course, that was before I saw The Source flyer, for $49.99.

I will not give up. I will return victorious.

twilight: why it sucked

<li>The horribly awkward chemistry between Edward and Bella

<li>The ugliness of Edward

<li>how…long…it….took each…sentence….to…form

<li>the strange exasperated sounds Bella would add in for each and every emotion

<li> Jacob’s nose

<li>The extreme body glitter that keeps Edward out of the sun.

<li>The uncomfortably long close-ups.

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