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IKEA #StartFooding Pop Up

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I love IKEA, don’t you? All of those beautifully designed products and pretty textiles (I’m in love with their duvet covers.) The one downside is that IKEA can be hard to find if you live downtown.

Luckily, for a limited time only, IKEA has a downtown pop up! The pop up revolves around food, and is a lot of fun to go through. Visitors will get to taste IKEA snacks, and check out how food can play a role in different parts of the house. See something you like? Select items can be purchased using a wooden spoon. (It’s pretty cool.)

Brunch at the Drake One Fifty


Credit: Drake One Fifty
Credit: Drake One Fifty

Brunch lovers rejoice! The Drake One Fifty is now serving up an amazing and delicious brunch. Chef Corrado and his team have created a menu that celebrates Spring’s light flavours and bountiful produce that support many local purveyors and farmers.

One of the reasons that I love the Drake One Fifty so much (other than the stunning design and art) is that they make all of the beads, preserves and pastries in house. They take great care in sourcing items. Their bacon and pork is from Perth Pork, beef from Cumbrae’s, and cheese is from The Cheese Boutique. (more…)

Mutti Tomatoes & making pasta with Nonna



I was invited to a delightful lunch hosted by Mutti. Francesco Mutti was on hand to talk a bit about the brand. His great grandfather started Mutti in 1899. They first started preserving tomatoes in tins in the 19th century. Mutti harvests their tomatoes in a simple process in the summertime in Italy. They only work with tomatoes, and are constantly trying to improve their quality. They are a top brand in Italy, and are now available in Toronto! Some Mutti products include pizza sauce, tomato paste, peeled tomato and tomato concentrate. (more…)

[Make This] Stuffed Rice Balls (Arancini) with Minute Rice

Rice BallsI love food, but I’m terrible at making enough time to actually cook dinner. So, most of my meal come from fancy gourmet grocery stores, or I just eat out a lot. I have a lot of big things coming up this year, so I need to save some money! Making your own food is a great way to save money and to eat healthier.


Sometimes you just need a little encouragement, I got just that when Minute Rice sent me a fun package! Minute Rice knows how hard it can be to find time to create a meal, so they made it easy. Not only can you make their rice in 5 minutes flat, but they’ve curated some yummy recipes so that you can have a #WeekdayWin. (more…)

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