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Holiday Gatherings are easy with M&M Food Market


I love getting together with friends and entertaining, and around Christmas this is especially true! With all of the parties, cookie swaps and casual get-togethers, it can be exhausting finding time just to go shopping, let alone a preparing an entire meal!

Thankfully, there’s a way to grab a tasty appetizer or entire meal with minimal effort, and still show up with a delicious dish!

M&M Food Market has an endless array of snacks, meals, desserts and more to help you navigate this busy time of year, and still turn up on top! Meals don’t have to be bland. This is especially true with M&M’s new line up of holiday products. (more…)

Holiday Parties are a Breeze with President’s Choice

The best and worst part of the holidays are all of the gatherings that come along with them. Obviously, it’s awesome to see friends and family…but not so awesome when you think of all the things that you have to cook for them!

Luckily for busy people and procrastinators everywhere, there’s President’s Choice! President’s Choice won me over with their Black Label and keeps me there with their delicious and fun food across all labels.

They have tons of amazing gourmet appetizers, meals, dips and desserts to keep party guests happy and the work light.

Here are three of my favourites from their Holiday picks!


1. Coconut Chicken Lollipops:   What’s more awesome than shrimp on a stick? Chicken on a stick. This fun appitizer is sure to impress fellow party goers and guests. Chicken breast is marinated in Thai curry sauce, breaded in coconut and then served with amazing Sweet Thai Chili sauce.

2. Moroccan Cigars: The first time I came across Moroccan Cigars was the first time I dined at Cafe Morac. I really liked them, and haven’t seen them since. I was super happy when I found them here! Moroccan Cigars are a bit like spring rolls, but they are filled with spiced beef and wrapped in phyllo pastry.

3. Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake:  I don’t think this needs an explanation. Rich, chocolate cake made with PC® The Decadent® Chocolate Chips. It’ll make you popular wherever you take it. Who can say no to chocolate?


Pike Place Market



Pike Place Market is a mecca of fresh fish, crab, flowers, cheese and crafty goodness. This indoor and outdoor farmers market is backed by the beautiful view of the pacific ocean. Lucky Seattle!


With an abundance of fresh fish and seafood available, some vendors put on a show for the buyer! At the Pike Place Fish Market, the fishmongers throw the fish to be wrapped as customers order. It’s really fun to see giant salmon being tossed in the air!

There are lots of cafes, shops and restaurants outside and inside of the market. One of my favourite shops was… Beecher’s Cheese!!!

 West Coast 20131


 Two words. Cheese curds. Amazing, amazing cheese curds. I hear that they also sell delicious macaroni and cheese, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches. I couldn’t tell you, I was busy devouring cheese curds. Mmmm. Of course, they also make a large variety of equally delicious cheeses.

They have big glass windows where you can see them making the cheese curds. It’s pretty cool. They also make their own crackers!

IMG_0272  IMG_0275


Of course, you can find beautiful colourful flowers, fresh fruit, local produce and a variety of handmade hats, jewelry and other crafty goods. I bought a 1940s style knitted hat.

If you are visiting Seattle, you need to visit Pike Place Market!

Pike Place Market:1st and Pike St. Seattle, WA 98101

Beecher’s Cheese: 1600 Pike Place Seattle, WA 98101

To read more about my adventures in Seattle, click here.

Cool Shop: Sausage Partners

Sausage Partners is an awesome little shop in Leslieville on Queen street. It’s run by Kyle, Lorraine and Lilly Deming, and they make their own sausages using the pork of small-hold farmers.

The sausages have fun names like Naked Pig. They sell them fresh and they also have them frozen. Fresh cuts of meat and burgers are also on hand. They have a small selection of fresh veggies and french bread from Le Matin Bakery down the street.


Sausage Partners also offer a selection of gourmet sauces, jams and preserves, and many are made in-house. If that isn’t awesome enough, you can join the “Meat Club” and purchase a box of sausage, bacon and some new products. Every box is different, and monthly costs start at $60. You can also sign up for a class to learn how to make your own sausage!

The Sausage Partners are at 1378 Queen St E.

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