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Dufflet’s Delicious Gluten Free Desserts

This fall, Dufflet® launched their extended gluten-free line in stores across Ontario and Quebec.

lemonI tried one of their Lemon Tarts and was blown away! I’m not usually a fan of gluten free desserts, and I couldn’t tell the difference. The butter crust was crumbly and moist, and the lemon filling was creamy and tart. Perfection! It makes me want to taste their other baked goods…, (more…)

An Evening of Decadence at The Chocolate Ball


The Chocolate Ball was just as amazing as it sounds. A ball dedicated to chocolate- could you ever go wrong? It’s especially awesome because the night the night supports prostate and breast cancer.

The theme of the 8th annual chocolate ball was Cocoa Grande: A Salute to Movie, Music and Dance and it was held at the Eglinton Grande.
Throughout the evening, there were performances by burlesque dancers, singers and a beautiful performance by the electric harp. Joanna Jordan performed complementary songs (like Coldplay) with her harp and it was beautiful.


Chocolate wasn’t just for the desserts. All of the savory dishes included some aspect of chocolate. Some of my favourite dishes from the night were: hand made corn tortilla tacos with cumin and cocoa scented pulled pork, queso fresco and cilnatro from Chef Terry Port.

Above those are Chocolate and curry braised lamb shanks stuffed in puff balls from the Chef Arts School of Ontario. Last but not least are Braised Beef terasamos with cocoad juniper rub and dark chocolate chipolte reduction.



Then it was time for chocolate! There was a superb selection of chocolate. M Thompson Chocolates had a selection of chocolate bark, peanut butter, mint and ginger chocolate squares.  Shoko Chocolates brought beautiful almond shaped chocolates filled with white chocolate, clementine, blood orange, key lime pie and more. In addition to chocolate, Mary McLeod’s Shortbread provided chocolate shortbread and La Rocca provided fancy chocolate cakes.


My favourite chocolate artist was Laura Slack. Each of Laura’s chocolate were like tiny works of art. She presented chocolate skull truffles dusted with gold, maple hand painted truffles with beautiful patterns and chocolate caramel. The skulls are filled with Dulche de Leche and encased in a hand painted skull. They were so good. I could’ve eaten 20!

By the end of the evening I was pretty full, and suffering from chocolate overload. That makes it the perfect time to explore the non edible tables. Guests could buy a mystery bag, participate in a silent auction or dance away the evening with DJ FAZ. All in all, it was an amazing event!

The Chocolate Ball is part of the Toronto Chocolate Festival .

The Magnum Pleasure Store



You had better catch the Magnum Pleasure Store before it’s too late! It’s closing on Aug. 30th and you can customize your own ice cream bar of delicious, delicious chocolate.


Start by choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream. After that, choose to dip your bar in white, milk or dark chocolate. Then, pick out your toppings from their yummy selection. You can have crushed biscuits, sea salt, rose petals, honeycomb, chocolate curls, crisped rice and more!

You can choose as many toppings as you’d like, but they recommend limiting it to 5 for best results. Once you’ve done that, you choose your chocolate drizzle and you’re done! Your very own custom Magnum Bar for $6.

Vanilla ice cream wrapped in milk chocolate topped with chocolate curls, crisped rice, sea salt, almonds and toffee bits. Drizzled with white chocolate!

Run, don’t walk to 11 Bloor Street West to make your own before Aug. 30th!

Making Chocolate at Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport chocolate is 250g square bar of chocolate divided into 16 pieces. The chocolate comes in unique flavours, such as Schoko-Duo (milk chocolate and white chocolate), Knusperflakes (chocolate with cornflakes!) and my favourite, Knusperkeks (milk chocolate with a biscuit inside). There are over 100 variations of delicious, delicious chocolate. While I was in Berlin, I heard that I could make my own chocolate at Ritter Sport, I was really excited! I headed there at noon on a Saturday morning. It was crazy busy.

The Ritter Sport store is part store, part cafe and part chocolate factory. The store is colourful, with hundreds of squares of chocolate lining the walls. Pick and choose from popular and unique flavours. You can buy over sized bars or tiny mini squares. Making your very own chocolate bar costs €3.90 and makes a great souvenir. You can choose from 25 ingredients, including roasted almonds, jelly bellies, crispy rice, chili…and more. They also have special limited ingredients. When I went in December, gingerbread could be added. A maximum of 3 ingredients can be chosen, and you have to select from milk or dark chocolate.

I waited in the line for about 30 minutes until it was my turn. The girl behind the counter filled a plastic mold with milk chocolate and measured out my chosen ingredients (almonds, gingerbread and crispy rice). The ingredients were added, and my chocolate bar was put in the chiller to set. You get a little ticket and have to come back to pick up your chocolate in about an hour. You can spend that hour exploring the store!

And that’s it! You and your tasty chocolate creation are ready to go.

Französische Strasse 24
10117 Berlin

Baklava from Patisserie Royale

I drive by this place all the time…and this time I remembered to stop! Patisserie Royale (1801, Lawrence Avenue East Unit 9) is a Scarborough store that specializes in Middle Eastern pastries. The recipe has been handed down from generations (from Syria) and they use  clarified butter, Californian nuts and pistachios from Turkey in their sweets.

They make all kinds of baklava, including cashew, pistachio and walnut. Never had baklava before? You’re missing out! These phyllo layered pastries are soaked in a honey syrup and are really sweet.  These ones were good, and I actually found them less sweet than my go-to baklava places. (Ghazale & Paramount Fine Foods) I typically can’t eat more than two of these in one sitting!

It’s about $25 per pound for baklava and I paid $6 for 9 pieces. It goes by weight. Next time you are in Scarborough for Goody’s Burgers, stop by them for dessert!

Greg’s Ice Cream in the Distillery District

As I’m writing this, it’s 40 degrees PLUS outside. It is ridiculously hot for June.
Do you know what you need? You need some ice cream.

Greg’s Ice Cream just opened their second shop last month in the Distillery District (a great place to hang out in the summer! Or anytime.) Greg’s is known for their unique flavours, high quality ingredients and almost cult like following. The new shop is pretty industrial looking, but brightly lit and has a small seating area.

I tried a single scoop ($3.81) of Cinnamon ice cream, and it was super. It tasted like I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, in ice cream form. The flavours rotate frequently, so one day you may see Chocolate Ginger (my FAVOURITE) and Sweet Cream, and Banana Nut Bread the next.

Greg’s Ice Cream is open from 11 am to 8:30 pm daily.

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