Category: Burgers

Believe in Bacon with the new menu at the Works


The Works Burger has a brand new bacon themed menu that promises to bring you, well, lots of bacon. Delicious, delicious bacon.

I’ve been a fan of the Works ever since I visited them in Ottawa to try a burger before they were available in Ontario. Lucky for us, they are in Toronto now and keep expanding!

Their limited time menu, Believe in Bacon II, features three burgers and even a bacon filled milkshake! (more…)

Lunch at b.good


b.good is a new fast casual restaurant in the St. Lawrence Market area with a mission to bring good food with locally sourced ingredients to Canada. Already successful in the USA, this is the chain’s first Toronto location. It gets its name from the founder’s Uncle, who would always tell everyone to “Be good,” before they left the house. (more…)

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