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Scandale Paris Collection at La vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose started carrying Halle Berry’s lingerie line, Scandale, this summer.

Scandale Paris was founded in 1932 and was rediscovered‎ by Halle Berry, who loved the brands timeless French chic, and wanted to introduce the brand to female consumers around the world.

The collection is available exclusively at la Vie en Rose Outlet and online, and features almost 50 styles of bras and panties ranging in price from $9.95 to $25.95. I tried the Scandale Paris Dream Bra.scandale (more…)

Win it! Scotch Expressions Tape

Image copyright Scotch

I just came back from a trip to Japan (guys, I think I’ll be saying this forever. It’s already been two months since I returned, but it’s like I don’t want to let go.) and I was blown away by their stationery shops. Endless floors of pens, stickers, greetings cards, adorable erasers, notebooks and…washi tape. The washi tape was nothing short of amazing. Some had illustrations on them, some had stripes, tiny polka dots….you name it. I couldn’t help but wonder, why is North American tape so boring?


Luckily, that is no longer true! Enter Scotch. Scotch has been making tape that we all know and rely on for years. But did you know that they have a collection called Expressions that will appeal to the crafter in you? (more…)

FFWD 2015 Advertising & Marketing Week

ffwLogoFFWD Advertising & Marketing Week 2015 blows into Toronto next week, January 26 – January 30. It’s five full days of exciting, insightful, thought-provoking events industry luminaries.

The event profiles the accomplishments of the Canadian communications industry, and includes a speaker series, panels, parties and even a gala.

The impressive speaker series & events includes Yahoo Canada, Twitter, Microsoft and Olympic & World Champion Ice Dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

These are my recommended events!

Opening Lunch: Is the Internet the Answer? Debating its Future Influence on Marketing and our Lives.

In 2015, the Internet will turn 46. The World Wide Web will be 26 years old. No longer mere novelties or the province of geeks, the Internet and the Web now form an integral communication tool. We now can communicate with each other around the world and down the block; we are starting to communicate with our homes, our appliances, and systems. In 2012, the United Nations’ Human Rights Council unanimously resolved that Internet access is an essential human right. Andrew Keen and Mitch Joel will debate it out

From selfies to cinemagraphs: The new content marketing (Yahoo + Tumblr)

Atomic, visual content is fast becoming the preferred media of young people everywhere. Easy to share, make, and consume in a mobile world, it’s changing how people communicate and express themselves. Because of this, networks like Tumblr are growing rapidly. Justin Scott, VP of Brand Strategy at Tumblr, will show us how leading brands are using simple visual content to make an outsized impact.

The Millennial Consumer: Understanding How Brands and Media Can Connect

Millennials are early adopters of technology and heavy users of online, social and mobile media. They also tend to have shorter attention spans and are actively in control of the content and marketing messages they receive.

Join Mintel’s Jason Praw, Head of Canadian Research, for an interactive session that will provide a look into Mintel’s consumer research on Canadian Millennials. Jason aims to provide an understanding of how brands and media can connect to the most intriguing consumer group since the Baby Boom.

Sounds exciting, no? See the entire schedule here. Tickets are on sale now, and some events are already sold out! Be sure to get your tickets here! You can also buy a pass for the entire week.

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