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Indochino Made to Measure Suits for Weddings


My wedding is coming up in less than 60 days! One of the most challenging aspects of my wedding for me has been menswear. Menswear is not my forte, so I was happy to leave suit selection up to the experts! I’ve been dying to use Indochino, and this wedding is my chance.

Indochino is a made to measure menswear brand. Customers are able to choose colours, fabric, suit lining, lapel style and more. Men can visit a showroom in Toronto or Vancouver in Canada. At the showroom, you can see sample suits, colours and fabrics. You can also get custom shirts made.

As you can image, Indochino is super popular for weddings. Made to measure suits are perfect for the groom and groomsmen. There are tons of fabrics and colour to choose from. I can’t wait to show you what our custom suit looks like when it’s ready! In the meantime, I’ve gathered some of my favourite wedding looks from Indochino below. (more…)

[Picture This] Toronto Light Festival

16667254_594329464755_1681958541_o 16586458_594329554575_1874202928_o

There’s something bright to look forward to during these dark winter months! The very first Toronto Light Festival has arrived in the city. Until March 12th visitors to the Distillery District can enjoy 21 light installations nightly until 11pm. The installations range from interactive to fun to awe inspiring. The festival is free, and they have several booths offering up warm bites and drinks. Visitors can find booths selling mulled wine, hot chocolate, soup and more. I checked out the festival, take a look at my photos! (more…)

[Read it!] Cozy Knits are Perfect for Winter

I’m a beginner knitter, and I love to knit up warm things to wear (and gift!) in the winter months. My favourite knits are big, cozy chunky knits. I’ve tried to wean myself off them by buying thinner, fancier yarns. Those yarns stay untouched and I always gravitate to my thicker yarns. Oh well! I’ve decided to embrace it with two new books filled with chunky, warm patterns.

big knits

In Big Knits, Big Needles, there are 20 different knitting projects. Are you a beginner like me? No problem! There’s a step by step tutorial section that teaches you all of the techniques you need to follow. This book is packed with sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves and more. The photos are also awesome, and everything looks beautiful.

arm knitting

I’ve also decided that I want to learn how to arm knit! My friends have created some pretty cool looking blankets and comfy shawls with this technique. In Arm Knitting, you’ll become a pro in no time. These patterns knit of fast, and best of all require no needles! Choose from 30 different patterns and make scarves, bags and even wreaths! I’m excited to make some new projects this year! Which book would you pick?



Gorgeous Geometrics for Christmas at Canadian Tire

Geometric Holiday Decorations

I’ve fully embraced my love for geometrics. It started off slowly, but now has turned into, Can I work geometrics into my nautical themed wedding? (The answer is yes.)

Canadian Tire has an array of beautiful geometric pieces that are perfect for the holidays! (more…)

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