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West Elm Duvet Covers

I wandered into West Elm for the first time the other day, and was pleasantly surprised!

It reminded me of an open, wood toned, urban IKEA. I was blown away by the beautiful textiles and light fixtures.

They had a great sale going on (30% off sale prices) so I snagged this Pressed Flower duvet for $24.99 (it was $73.00)  and matching pillow cases for $12. Cheerful, no?

Essential Stationery: Note Cards

Nothing adds a touch of class quite like stationery. Stationery is especially important in this digital age. People rarely get mail, so when they do, it’s a special treat. It’s always a good idea to have a collection of note cards in your arsenal.

Now is an especially good time to pick some up from Chapters because they have a sale going on. Here are some that I just picked up!

These Kate Spade cards are beautiful. They are single sheet cards with a matching envelope with striped red lining. They are usually $20, but were on sale in-store for $7.00

These Vera Wang cards are gorgeous! I love the swirling text, and the paper is creamy and thick. These fold over cards go for a whopping $26! But I got them on sale at Chapters for $6.

I bought these cute Naoko cards awhile ago. There are 4 different patterns. Retails for $14.95.

2012 Calendar Round Up

I love calendars. Here are some of my favourites for 2012!

This calendar is by one of my favourite illustrators, Eveline Tarunadjaja. Her calendar sells for $27.00, and features her beautiful illustrations.

The love calendar is a cute way to track your romance for the year. Each heart represents a day that’s been split into 4 parts. Each part represents an activity, cuddling, time together, etc. Shade in daily!

This super cool calendar features a polaroid image per day! Behind the page you get to learn all about the photo.

This beautiful paper cut calendar is hand cut and features 4 layers of woodland images.

This colourful calendar is heat sensitive. Put your thumb over each day to read a new fact! When you remove your thumb, the fact magically goes dark again.

What calendar are you using this year?

I’m using this pretty Rifle Paper calendar I got from my Design Crush 2012 Calendar swap-mate. Thanks! and Happy New Year everyone!

This ain’t your mom’s lorum ipsum

Ah, lorum ipsum. That old designer stand-by used as placeholder text. So familiar. So…yawn.
These days, there are newer, bolder lorum ipsums made to reflect your love of…

Hipsters: Do you need some text for your website or whatever? *sigh* Okay…Sartorial helvetica vegan master cleanse, food truck salvia four loko messenger bag you probably haven’t heard of them freegan tumblr butcher. Tattooed skateboard art party, salvia gluten-free raw denim organic marfa american apparel gentrify seitan beard whatever helvetica.

Cupcakes Hope you’re hungry. Sesame snaps toffee cake bonbon chupa chups jelly croissant cotton candy. Chupa chups cake lollipop lollipop fruitcake. Tart liquorice caramels halvah sugar plum.

Classic Novels Grab a passage from a favourite book! So they began solemnly dancing round and round Alice, every now and then treading on her toes when they passed too close, and waving their forepaws to mark the time, while the Mock Turtle sang this, very slowly and sadly

tokidoki tea party, anyone?

This beautiful tokidoki tea cup is a whopping $63. It’s a limited edition collectors item…and I want one. Wouldn’t it be great to see a whole tea set?

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