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Spa Weeks Returns!

WaySpa 2

WaySpa Spa Week returns to Toronto from April 21-27. Spa Week gives you access to tons of high-end spa services at local spas for only $50!

Spa Week is a great time enjoy the healing and therapeutic benefits of spa treatments above and beyond looking beautiful. Several studies show that going to the spa reduces stress hormone levels, boosts your immunity, acts as a pain reliever, boosts your mood, and relieves PMS symptoms, etc.  This is fantastic for this time of year, as the winter typically gets the best of us and decreases productivity.
Some participating Toronto spas are: Yorkville Beauty Spa, Moksa Day Spa, the Trump Hotel Spa and more! Check here for a full list.

Relax at the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant


There’s nothing better than sleepily swinging in a hammock held by giant evergreen trees on a sunny day. When I decided to check out the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, I had no idea what to expect.


The spa is beautiful, with different pools, tubs, relaxation areas and showers. Talking is discouraged, but that’s okay because you’ll want to take everything in and just zen out. So how does it work? 7076

First, you spend 15 minutes in the warming your body in the hot baths, followed by a dip in the cold baths for a refreshing rinse. After that, relax in the resting areas and start all over again. (For a detailed description of these sessions, click here.)

What I love is the variety of areas. For the hot cycle, you can choose to go into a hot tub, stretch out on a chair by the outdoor fire pit, or visit the Eucalyptus steam room.

For the refreshing rinse, you can go into the cold pools, swim in the lake or take an outdoor shower.

The relaxation areas are my favourite. Giant couch pods (pictured in second pic) big enough for two overlook the lake. A solarium with large glass windows allow you to relax and see what’s going on in the spa below. Down by the water you can sit on the deck and take in the lake. Scattered throughout the trees are large hammocks that can fit two people. I loved staring up at the blue sky and breathing in the mountain air.

Hydration is important, and there are water and tea stations throughout the spa. There’s also a cafe where you can get a healthy lunch. You can easily spend the entire day here! A day in the baths cost $48.00 per person. To complete your experience, you can add on a massage or choose from a long list of pampering services.

The Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant is at 4280 Montée Ryan, Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Spa Week by



It’s spring, and spa-aaah is in the air. Next week is the official kick off of Spa Week. I was treated to a little preview earlier this week.

What’s Spa Week, you ask? Spa Week occurs in tandem across North America. It’s a special week where an array of spa services are available for $50. You can get facials, manicures, massages, body polishes…the list of treatments are endless. And only for $50!

I really like this, because it gives people that wouldn’t necessarily go to a spa a chance to experience it. Many of these treatments are about $100, so it’s a great deal!



Around the room, I was able to get a taste of what Spa Week had to offer. Dove Spa was treating guests to mini manicures. Trendy oxygen facials were being done by Moksa Spa.

I booked a massage at Holt Renfew’s Spa. Can’t wait! There are many services being offered for only $50! Book your treatment today,spots are filling up fast! Spa Week is from April 15th- April 21.IMG_8162


Unwinding at the Hammam Spa

The Hammam Spa is a welcome oasis from the hustle and bustle of King Street West.
When you step inside, everything is still and calm. And you feel almost instantly better.

I am greeted and shown into the change room. Inside my wooden locker is a wrap and a towel.

I had a brief tour of the spa and was shown a small sitting room where I could relax between treatments (a quick peek at this showed couples canoodling and people sipping tea) and the way to the Hammam.

” “Hammam” translates to “Ritualistic Bath”, and it’s a traditional Turkish bath. Turkish Baths traditionally functioned as steam-filled grottos for segregated social gatherings of the upper classes. Women and men would lounge among themselves, enjoying fragrant steam and luxurious body treatments while discussing politics and gossip.”

This spa features a 500 square foot urban Hammam. It’s co-ed and feels like a natural grotto with black slate surfaces and lit onyx bowls that hold iced towels and cold water to cool down. Eucalyptus oils are diffused in the Hammam, which helps to relax the muscles.

I was excited to try it! I was warned that it could get quite hot (90 degrees at its peak!) so if I felt uncomfortable I was welcome to try it in short bursts. When I went inside, I had the whole place to myself (yes!) and it was incredibly relaxing, warm and soothing. I feel like I definitely sweated out some toxins. As someone who finds it hard to breathe in saunas, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle the Hammam, but I was! It didn’t bother me at all.

After a bit, I was called in for my treatment. There are a variety of treatments available.  I had decided to get the Argan Oil Massage ($155). Argan Oil comes from Morocco and has tons of excellent properties. It promotes anti-aging, protects your skin and hair and can help with blemishes. My massage therapist was very receptive to my needs and adjusted the pressure for me if I thought it was too hard (I’m a wimp.) It was the best massage I ever had! I left feeling refreshed and super relaxed. When I was done, I enjoyed a cup of tea and some dried fruit in the sitting room.

If you are getting stressed out during your holiday shopping, just pop into this spa, take a moment in the steam room, maybe get a treatment…and continue with your day. You’ll feel so much better!

Hammam Spa is located on 602 King Street West.

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