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Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid


Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid are an ode to the makeup trends of the 90s. Many brands are coming out with their own version of matte lipsticks with variations or reds, pinks and everyone’s recent favorite: nudes. This is probably one of my favorite Maybelline packaging.


rebel red, nude flush and berry boost

The lipsticks come in clear rectangle tubes with a sponge applicator. The formula is very fluid and bright in colour which is great. The only fault? Once on the colour was not completely matte until blotted with a few dabs of tissue. Overall, the lipstick line is a nice addition, full of vibrant colours and a creamy formula.

See all 10 shades and pick your favourite here!

Maybelline’s Lip Studio Colour Blur Matte Lipsticks


Looking for your perfect shade of matte lipstick? Maybelline’s Lip Studio Colour Blur Matte Lipsticks include 10 cream matte shades from bright and bold to those on the more neutral side.


The thin lip pencil’s creamy formula allows for perfect application. Go for a bold look by applying the lipstick traditionally, or try a new look by applying colour only to the center of your lips, and then using the sponge at the end of the stick to blur out the colour for a softer look. My personal favorite is Partner in Crimson.


Which is your favourite? Check out the entire 10 shade collection here.

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