TIFF Swag Report: Bask-it Style Lounge

It must be nice being a celebrity during TIFF. The whole city awaits you with bated breath, and lounges are everywhere waiting to gift you with swag. Well, one lounge takes it a step higher. Bask-it Style Lounge by GLO Communications will hand delivery luxe swag bags directly to celebrity hotels. Nice, huh? I got to feel like a star for a moment as I got a taste of the star treatment at their media day!


The event took place in a luxurious 2272 square foot 53rd floor suite at the Shangri-La Toronto. Look at that view!


Stars will get the newest Neutrogena make-up remover wipes and a selection of other goods.

1-11121543_570673052395_2129684422_n 1-12000114_570673062375_1536893268_nStudio1098 displayed their red-carpet worthy fine jewellery. Stars will be gifted a sterling silver and ruby wishbone necklace or cufflinks. A large portion of the sales will benefit CANFAR.


Publishers DK brought some of their popular books. My favourite is the upcoming Disney Book! It includes a piece of original film from the movie Brave.


L.C Moon debuted her new book, A Bedtime Story, which is an erotic thriller. Her sister has composed a companion soundtrack to go along with the book.


Celebs will be getting signed copies of the heartwarming tale, Free Days with George by Colin Campbell. Sadly, George wasn’t able to visit. He looks like the cutest dog!

1-IMG_5312 1-IMG_5309

I tried a new beer, Old Tomorrow CPA, that has been created by a mother and son team. This beer is a Canadian Pale Ale. Both Old & New World hops and malts are carefully blended in small batches with Canadian two row barley and rye to create a smooth full-bodied flavour, pleasing citrus notes and a clean biscuity finish. The can features Sir. John A MacDonald, Canada’s first prime minister. (Old Tomorrow was his nickname!)

1-12029145_570673072355_1033935067_n 1-12026475_570673092315_1283100997_n

Lucky ladies will get a No Side Effects Bra by Warner’s or Olga. This bra minimizes unflattering side bulge that some bras can have. Bonus? It’s super comfy!


Calvin Klein also contributed some beautiful lacy lingerie from their collection, and classy briefs for men.


Cozy IZOD sweaters for men.


Tommy Hilfiger purses for the ladies.

Those are just a few of my favourites. See below for the full bag!


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