The Krups Barista


Imagine rolling out of bed and walking down to the kitchen. You select your name on the coffee machine screen, press a button and presto: your drink is ready and waiting for you. Kinda like having your own personal barista.

The new Krups Barista lets everyone in your house (up to 8!) store their own personalized coffee recipe under the  “Favourites” setting, so that it can be ready at the push of a button.  With this top of the line machine you can choose the strength of your brew,  temperature and more. It grinds coffee beans and froths milk to a perfect foam. It can create picture perfect lattes, cappuccinos and espresso. The Barista also self cleans. I wish my kitchen could have one of these!

This state of the art coffee machine will be hitting shelves in April! It’s also touring around Canada, and is in Toronto (Pearson Airport) today! To see what other locations the Barista will be visiting, visit the Krups Facebook page. Take a peek at the machine in the video below.

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