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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Now that it’s getting windy and cold, and snow will be here soon, I find myself looking back at my warm, sunny California trip. Of course, a trip to the sunshine state wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.


For me, the best part was driving across the bridge!! It’s such a long bridge, so it takes a good amount of time to cross it. I loved it!


The view from the lookout point was okay, but super crowded. So we headed up to one of those hills that you see in the distance and took some shots from there.


The view was much better and less crowded, but oh so so cold. It didn’t feel like July at all!


The boy made me stay on the hill while he composed the perfect shot. Brrr! Apparently, this was the clearest that it had been in weeks. San Fran is a foggy place!


Isn’t it beautiful?

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