The Delicious Food Show & a bit of Martha Stewart

Okay guys, the Delicious Food Show is officially my favourite food show in the city. This 3 day celebration of everything delicious is in town from Oct. 25- Oct. 27. I checked out a media preview just before the show opened.

Here are some of my favourite things!

Seminars, Cook-offs and More










Here, the owner of The Tea Emporium is showing us how to muddle lemons for a tea cocktail.

Throughout the weekend, there will be various hands-on demonstrations, cook-offs  and workshops.

Click here to see special features!


The Team Emporium has released Canada’s first gluten free tea!











Food Trucks










Food trucks will be out and about at the show! Grab a famous lobster roll from Buster’s Sea Cove (pictured above) or a sandwich from Fidel Gastro. Gourmet Gringos,  Gourmet Bitches, Feisty Jack, Pretty Sweet and more will be there!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

October 2013





















There are so many amazing vendors, I don’t know where to start!  Some of my favourites are: Moo Milk Bar, Kanga Meat Pies, Pluck Teas, Jelly Modern Donuts, Pie Guyz, and more.

You’ll be able to find wine, shortbread, tea, olive oil, bread, chocolate…everything you could ever want and more. Click here to see all the vendors.

Celebrity Chefs

There are some big names heading to the show this weekend! You’ll be able to see Martha Stewart, Mark McEwan, Chuck Hughes, Nadia G, Micheal Smith and others. Chefs will appear on the Food Network Celebrity Kitchen area to give demonstrations and talks. Check out the schedule here.

Now, in case you missed Martha Stewart on Friday, read below. I saw her!

October 20131















After having this fantastic breakfast that included scones, tarts and a hand roasted marshmallow on my chai hot chocolate, we were able to sit down and see Martha Stewart!


Martha Stewart cutting a cake
























Now I wouldn’t really say that I got the best photos of Martha, but on the other hand…I was in the same room as Martha!

Tidbits from her press conference: Martha doesn’t ever throw simple dinner parties (what, you’re surprised?). She doesn’t think her friends would appreciate that.

Martha doesn’t have a lot in her fridge, but she always has 4 different types of milk, butter and eggs whip something up. She has a fruit and vegetable garden on her property so doesn’t need to buy veggies. Must be nice.

If guests are coming over unexpectedly for breakfast, she’ll serve them angel biscuits with eggs.

If you are new to baking and are wondering which cake to start with in her Cake book, try a skillet cake.

The Delicious Food Show will be at Better Living Centre 195 Princes’ Boulevard, Exhibition Place until Oct. 27

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