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Terra Lumina brightens the winter night

Terra Lumina is a light installation in the perfect place, at the perfect time of year. There’s no better escape from the darkness of winter than to be surrounded by dazzling lights and beautiful projections. I was invited to the opening by the Toronto Zoo, and had so much fun exploring the space. One of my favourite art installations last year was Lumina Borealis in Kingston. I’m so excited that Toronto now has it’s own!

Terra Lumina is inspired by how nature and humans can coexist in the future. You start your journey on a winding 1.5 km walking path through the Zoo that travels into the future and back. You step through a luminous portal that transports you to the year 2099.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t get too detailed. Here are a few of my favourite moments of the experience.

There are beautiful life-like projections.

 There are eye catching lasers and atmospheric music as you walk through a forest.

There’s an interactive drum installation where the sound of your beating drum is replicated by a field of lights.

There’s a voice that guides you as you read positive messages about the future.

There’s a light tunnel that you can walk through that leads you back to the past.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It’s the perfect thing to do in the winter when the daylight hours seem the be shorter and shorter.

If you go:

  • Bundle up! The entire experience takes place outdoors, and there isn’t really a spot to warm up.
  • There are food trucks on-site so that you can grab a bite to eat or a warm drink
  • Terra Lumina is at the Toronto Zoo until April 13th.
  • Tickets $29 for adults and $25 for kids. Parking is $8.

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