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TCAF Festival & My Fav Comic Artists


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is this weekend! It’s a huge celebration of graphic novels, comics and the artists that create them! They have tons of special guests, panels and exhibitions. If you’ve never been into comics, you are missing out!

Below are some of my favourite female comic artists that will be in town this weekend. I encourage you to check out their comics, or better yet, come out to the festival! TCAF is on May 11th and 12th at the Toronto Reference Library. (789 Yonge Street Toronto)

faitherinhicks Faith Erin Hicks This lady has been creating web comics before web comics were cool. I was shamelessly obsessed with Demonology 101, a now completed web comic. Faith is Canadian and has several published comic books. Her newest book is Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong.


Erika Moen Erika’s comics can sometimes make you blush. Erika started off with a hilarious autobiographical web comic called DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary. She completed that and has moved on to more risqué (NSFW) things.


Jen Wang Jen’s art is jaw droppingly gorgeous. Her web comic (okay, so I’m noticing a trend here.) Strings of Fate, was my ultimate favourite online comic. It was based on the Chinese zodiac, and was pretty much amazing. Recently Jen has published a charming book called, Koko Be Good. She’s also working on a brand new book, and I can’t wait!


Lucy Knisley is apparently the only artist on this list who I did not discover through a web comic! I fell in love with her work when I found her graphic novel, French Milk, which is about traveling in Paris. (How could I not fall in love?) Lucy has a new book called Relish, that is all about food, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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