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Taking Care of your Nails

I’m guilty of mistreating my nails. I constantly put on polish without a base coat, I let dark polish stain my nails and I neglect my cuticles.

This year I’m hoping to change all that by really taking care of my nails.
sallybasecoatSally Hansen Nail Rehab: Intense care for severely damaged nails.

Nail Rehab includes Jasmine & Rose extracts in its formula, and helps to protect nails from tearing, breaking and everyday wear and tear. It goes on a sheer pink. It has a short, stubby brush and dries quickly. You can wear it as a base coat or on it’s own.

1-Feburary 20142Cuticle Rehab : This cuticle oil is packaged in a cool little tube with a brush for application. It’s just like lip gloss- but for your cuticles. This oil helps to restore moisture to your cuticles and it’s formulated with Jasmine, Rose extracts and Vitamin E.

1-IMG_0483Triple Shine Topcoat does exactly what is say. It delivers lots of shine. I love it’s thick formula and it’s extra wide brush. It’s an acrylic topcoat that dries pretty quickly and leaves nails shiny for days.


So shiny!

Sally Hansen products are available at a drugstore near you!


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