Take a Break at the Hammam Spa

The holidays can be a pretty stressful time. All that rushing around to get gifts, maybe working extra hours to meet end of the year deadlines…don’t forget to take care of yourself!

I was getting stressed out, so I headed to the Hammam Spa at King & Spadina. Hammam Spa is a full service spa in a convenient location.

When you step into the spa it feels like you are in a quiet oasis somewhere else.The spa provides wraps, robes, slippers, and everything else you need in order to enjoy your visit.

A major feature of the spa is their 500 square foot Hammam.

“Hammam” translates to “Ritualistic Bath”, and it’s a traditional Turkish bath. Turkish Baths traditionally functioned as steam-filled grottos for segregated social gatherings of the upper classes. Women and men would lounge among themselves, enjoying fragrant steam and luxurious body treatments while discussing politics and gossip.”

The Hammam is co-ed. This was my second visit, and I was surprised to see a lot of men enjoying the Hammam. (Of course, there were women there as well) Looks like they’ve caught on! Eucalyptus oils are diffused in the Hammam, which helps to relax the muscles. It’s really relaxing.

CDOCUME~1ZARKFA~1LOCALS~1TempCoupleAfterwards I headed to the small lounge to wait for my treatment. The lounge had a delicious mint tea, peanuts and apples to snack on. A small menu is available if you are feeling hungry.

The most popular service at the spa are their massages, closely followed by their facials. Bonus: All therapists at Hammam Spa are registered massage therapists and can give you insurance receipts if you are lucky enough to have benefits. I decided to get a Hot Stone Massage. ($165)

CDOCUME~1ZARKFA~1LOCALS~1TempIndian suiteI really like the cozy treatment rooms. My hot stone massage was wonderful. My massage therapist had talented hands! The Hot Stone Massage uses water-heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body.

As the stones are placed on the body, they assist in retaining heat to deeply penetrate the muscles and release tension in this relaxation treatment. I was worried that the stones would be too hot, but they were just the right temperature.

Take a look at all of their services!  Have you been to the Hammam Spa before?

Hammam Spa is located on 602 King Street West

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