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Living the Lug Life in Sri Lanka

I’m back from an amazing whirlwind trip across Sri Lanka. I visited 7 towns over 14 days and explored tea estates, beach towns, jungles and cities. Throughout my entire adventure, I partnered with Lug Life to test out a couple of their popular items. I’ve been a big fan of Lug for years. I constantly travel with their transparent pouches and use Bento to house all of my toiletries. This time, I took along Tango for my travel wallet, and Scoop as my trusty sidekick.


Maple Weekend in Muskoka

Maple syrup, liquid gold…whatever you’d like to call it, it’s delicious. We’re lucky to live in Canada, the land of maple syrup. Virtually all maple syrup is produced in Canada. There’s a few pockets in the USA that make syrup as well, but the vast majority is here. Right now, we’re in the heart of maple syrup season. Muskoka is celebrating with a Maple Syrup Festival that runs from now until April 20th. I spent the weekend exploring Muskoka and trying delicious maple products. Thanks for hosting, Muskoka Tourism.

We spent the weekend at the Lone Pine Inn. I stayed in a patio suite that had beautiful picture windows, a cozy living room, and a full kitchen. It was like staying in a cozy cottage. We were greeted in the best possible way, with a 6 pack of local beer from Sawdust City Brewing. (The owners of the inn actually own the brewery as well.) (more…)

Heartless Girl Guide to St.John’s, Newfoundland

Snow & Stargazing at Mont-Mégantic Observatory

Quebec Dark Sky ReserveI have a very specific list of goals that I want to complete before I turn 30. Some are possibly unattainable. Others come together in very serendipitous ways. This is one of them.
I’ve been obsessed with going to the Dark Sky Reserve in Quebec ever since I came across it many years ago. I love the night sky, so the idea of going to a place with little to light pollution was very exciting to me!

The Mont-Mégantic Observatory in Quebec was officially declared a Dark Sky Reserve in 2007. Canada actually has 6 Dark Sky Preserve Areas, making it the country with the most in the world. Go Canada! (more…)

Sakura Blossoms in Japan

1-JapanP (409)

1-JapanP (678)

We were SO LUCKY to be in Japan during cherry blossom season. It was amazing and insane. Everything was sakura (cherry in Japanese!) themed. Vendors set up stalls in parks, selling all kinds of treats, including fish on sticks. People picnicked under the blossoms. Temples and parks offered night time illumination events.

Even the restaurants got into it! Starbucks had a special sakura blossom menu that included special drinks, cherry blossom cake and beautiful mugs that I was unable to get my hands on. McDonalds had sakura french fries, sakura milkshake and a sakura burger. (The sakura fries were delicious.)

Here are my photos from visiting the cherry blossoms in April in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.


Travel Must Haves!

travelessentials1. You need this Sea to Summit ($40)duffel bag. It squishes down into a tiny pouch, perfect for stashing in your purse when you don’t need it, but will unfold into a full sized duffel bag for your extra shopping. (You can find it cheaper online.)

2. You can’t go wrong with this Extra Long 6 foot USB cord  ($12.50)from Kikkerland! it’s also available for iPhone.

3.  These matte black Tiek ballet flats ($175) are a lifesaver. Foldable and comfy, I wear these everywhere.

4. This huge Helmet Tote Bag by Flight 001 is what I carry for as a purse when I travel on planes. Maybe it’s a bit like cheating. All I know is that it holds everything, and doesn’t count as a carry-on.

5. Kikkerland luggage scales are the best because they are pretty and functional. This particular model will be online for spring, but you can check out this one in the meantime.

6. A cute Luggage Tag ($9.00) is a no brainer. It’ll help you spot your luggage and helps people find it if lost.

7. Hate chipping your manicure while on vacation? Take it all off with OPI’s Wipe Off wipes! Take off the polish quickly and easily.


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