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Lunch at b.good


b.good is a new fast casual restaurant in the St. Lawrence Market area with a mission to bring good food with locally sourced ingredients to Canada. Already successful in the USA, this is the chain’s first Toronto location. It gets its name from the founder’s Uncle, who would always tell everyone to “Be good,” before they left the house. (more…)

Dinner at BIVY Cafe

I was really excited  to be invited to try out BIVY Cafe. As an east end girl, I don’t get the chance to travel to the west end all that often.

After visiting BIVY Cafe, a Brocton Triangle french inspired bistro,  all that might change. The space is very intimate with eclectic touches like the wooden deer heads on the wall. Towards the back of the restaurant, they sell fresh pastries and made-in-house cookies. They also have a small shelf that sells jams, jellies and chocolate.

The cafe serves brunch and lunch, and has now made the jump into serving dinner from Tuesday- Saturday.



I started with a hearty bowl of the soup of the day, Butternut Squash Soup ($4.80). Very creamy and rich. I wasn’t expecting the soup to be so large- careful, it’s filling!


We couldn’t resist ordering the Picnic Platter for $15. The platter is huge and comes with Chef Pascal’s own in house smoked salmon and in house pate.

The Charcuterie also featured Jambon de Bayonne (Curred ham form Bayonne – Basque county, France) and Salame Gentile (italian Gentile salami made in Toronto by Paganelli). I loved the salami and the fact that it was locally made.

The cheese include Ermite Blue cheese from Quebec, Asiago cheese from Ontario and Gruyere from Switzerland. To finish off the platter was whole grain bread, savoury cheddar shortbread, crackers and a sun dried tomato hummus.




For my main, I had a Pulled Pork on a Bun ($7.50) with BBQ pulled pork, emmental cheese and baby spinach. We shared the fries, and my partner had the in-house made Duck Confit served with arugula & chutney. Both of our meals were extremely good. I loved how the crispy bun complemented the slightly sweet and juicy BBQ pork. We fought over the perfectly seasoned fries and were stuffed beyond belief but still had room for…


This ice cream sandwich was $4 and it was amazing. The chocolate cookies were specially made for this ice cream sandwich. It had the texture of a brownie but wasn’t overly soft. Yum!

We couldn’t get over how reasonably priced the food was. For the high quality of the food, paying $7.50 for a pulled pork or brisket sandwich almost feels like you’re getting away with something. I’m too used to paying $15 for a burger to not be gleefully happy about these prices.

BIVY Cafe is the perfect place to take a first date (it’s romantic!) and we also saw plenty of families and group of friends spilling in and out of the busy resto on the Friday night we visited. I know we’ll be back!

BIVY Cafe is on 1600 Dundas St W,  Toronto. Check out their menu!

Dinner at Reds Midtown Tavern

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Reds Midtown Tavern is unexpectedly larger than I thought it would be. The elegant split level restaurant has beautiful exposed brick and genuinely friendly staff.

Dark mahogany tables sourced from McGill University  are scattered throughout the restaurant.  The shuffleboard table in the corner give the restaurant a modern luxe library feel.

You might be wondering…why is it called midtown? The name is a playful interpretation of where two friends might meet if they were coming from opposite ends of the city. Get it?


Tucked away in a corner is a beautiful private dining room.
Classic Peach Bellini

The culinary team at Reds is led by Executive Chef Matt Robertson.

 Here are some of the yummy apps we started with.

P.E.I Mussels: ($16.50)  Steamed in Sauvignon Blanc with fresh fennel, saffron threads, tomato and herbes de Provence.


The Crispy Potato Flatbread ($10.50) is a house specialty, and was the fan favourite of the evening.

Topped with fresh arugula, shaved Parmesan cheese, sweet garlic, chimichurri aioli, slow-roasted tomato
and balsamic gastrique. The combination of the spicy aioli and the Parmesan was delicious.


Baby Kale & Quinoa Salad ($9.50) Tossed with sweet spiced pecans, dried cranberries, caramelized sweet potatoes, smoked Manchego cheese and a light citrus vinaigrette. This salad also had diced green apples. It was a very eclectic salad but all ingredients worked really well together.

Pictured is the hearty Knife and Fork Caesar. ($10.25) Tender romaine lettuce with mild white Spanish anchovies, shaved parmesan, bacon and garlic confit dressing.



Steak Frites ($34) 7 oz Filet Mignon of AAA Canadian Beef, truffle parmesan frites, wild mushrooms, Madeira jus. The steak was perfect and melted in my mouth. I loved the wild mushrooms.

Pan Roasted Salmon ($23.45) with sweet pea purée, sugar snaps, fingerling potatoes and heirloom carrots with a light butter sauce

At this point, we were all crazy stuffed but still had room for dessert!


The Grasshopper Parfait ($7.95) was like a grown up Girl Scout mint cookie. (remember those?) The minty peppermint mousse was thick and just below it was dark chocolate mousse. On top were thin slices of delectable chocolate crisps.

With it’s perfect location and varied menu, Reds is the perfect place to mingle after work or a trip to the Eaton Center.  Take a look at the menu here.

Reds Midtown Tavern is located at 382 Yonge St., Unit 6, Toronto, ON M5B 1S8.


Pig Out BBQ in Pickering

I’m not going to lie. As I’m writing this right now and uploading these pictures, I’m starving.
If I had one wish now, I’d probably use it all up on a visit to this yummy BBQ join in Pickering.

I always love it when different types of restaurants open up in the east end. Downtown is spoiled with new restaurant openings weekly, but it doesn’t really happen much up here. So when I finally found a chance go to Pig Out BBQ, (my Dad’s birthday) I jumped on it.


The decor is pretty casual. Seat yourself, and your meal is brought to your table. The menu is pretty typical for a BBQ joint. Pulled pork, smoked brisket, ribs and pulled chicken are all on order here. They also have some unusual items, like handmade burgers, smoked sausage and BBQ tacos.



I had the Pulled Pork platter. You can choose to have it with spicy or sweet sauce. I chose a mix of the two, and wow, was it spicy. Since I’ve gone back, I just stick with sweet. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when I bit into my sandwich.

The pork was tender and full of flavour, with a spicy bite thanks to my sauce choice. The bun was bakery fresh and quickly became soggy from the saucy pork. This didn’t bother me because I love fresh bread. All dinner platters come with 1 side, coleslaw, pickles & dipping sauce. The sides include mac n cheese, french fries, baked beans, cornbread, coleslaw and more. I stuck with the french fries, and they weren’t that good. (McCain fries). I’d skip the fries. Leaves more room for meat!



Pictured above is the half chicken ($13.95) and brisket sandwich. ($10.95) My mom was impressed with her brisket but wished her bun was toasted. I stole a bit of the half chicken and it was amazing with a deep smoky BBQ flavour.

If you are looking for a good place to get BBQ the next time you venture out of Toronto, check this place out. The friendly service, fresh food and tasty sauces makes this place a winner.

Pig Out BBQ at 780 Kingston Road, Unit #6, Pickering, ON


Pig Out BBQ on Urbanspoon

Dinner at Bannock

Bannock is an Oliver & Bonacini Restaurant that opened this fall with at Bay & Queen St. They offer Canadian comfort food with a twist, from the to go counter or for a sit down meal. I headed here with a friend last week.

The decor is rustic chic, with wooden chairs and paper menus laid out as place mats. My favourite part of the room is the interesting light figure that is hung over a group dining table.

The menu features it’s namesake, bannock. Bannock is a “round flatbread traditionally cooked on a griddle or stone; brought to Canada through Scottish explorers and traders; adapted by indigenous people and settlers.” They offer bannock with different toppings on them, such as the Veggie Bannock ($12) that is topped with portobello mushrooms, marinated peppers and dubiously named “comfort cream”.

However, my friend and I both opted to have something else. I <i>love</i> chicken pot pie, so I had the Arcadian Court Chicken Pot Pie served with the One and Only Mashed Potatoes. ($16)

It was delicious. The crust was flaky and good, and the chicken was piping hot, tender and filling. My only tiny problem with it was that it only had crust on the bottom. I especially enjoy crust, so I like it when pies have crust on the bottom and the top.

It was served with rich, creamy mashed Yukon gold potatoes and gravy. It was really good! The only thing is that it was really filling. I couldn’t finish my potatoes. The pie itself would have been enough, maybe it should come with a lighter side.

Across the table, my dining companion was having the opposite problem. She had ordered Pickerel Tacos with Cucumber Apple Salad ($13). It was served in steamed buns and with caviar tartar.

We were expecting the tacos to be a bit bigger for a dinner portion, but they were a bit on a small side. She enjoyed her tacos though, said it was surprisingly spicy, but in a good way. The salad was unique, fresh and tart.

Bannock is a nice place to take a date or a friend! The food is fresh and well prepared. The to-go counter has coffee, tea, breakfast wraps, sandwiches and traditional tourtiere.

401 Bay St., Toronto, M5H 2Y4
Tel: 416.861.6996

Lunch at Dr.Laffa’s

Earlier this week, I went for an impromptu lunch at Dr.Laffa’s with a friend from work.
One of the things that I love about my workplace is that you can find pretty much anything you need around it.
Fresh pasta, circus school, Italian bread, fencing classes, and now, authentic Middle Eastern food.
My interest was piqued by this article in blogTO.
The thing that got me? The laffa. If you’re going to stick with this blog for awhile, you will need to know this:
I am a sucker for bread. I love it, in almost every shape and form. So when I read about this traditional, fresh bread I knew I had to try it.

The image that blogTO included made it look like the restaurant was in a loading dock. It wasn’t.
We went to 40 Magnetic Drive only to discover that that was their warehouse, and that the actual restaurant was across the street. Oops.

When we arrived, the restaurant was bigger than expected, bustling and smelled delicious.
Our waitress was cheerful and very helpful. The menu had lots of different options, and I  selected a chicken Sharma.
My friend had Sabich. We both paid extra to get the wrap in laffa instead of a pita. They had a nice selection of tropical juices, and I had a mango juice. ($1.50)

Our waitress brought a steaming fresh laffa to our table. The laffa was huge and completely met my expectations.
It was soft and chewy, and reminded us a little bit of naan, but not as thick. My friend ordered a soup that came in a
tomato based broth with big potato dumplings that were filled with beef.

Pickles were liberally sprinkled in the bowl. The soup was served with a selection of sides to put into your soup. (pickled onions, corn and more pickles.)She had ordered the soup as an appetizer, but it was a pretty large bowl so she was full by the time our mains came around.

While waiting for our mains, I noticed that they were serving fresh mint tea (doesn’t get any fresher than the actual mint leaves!) and delicious looking hand cut fries!

Our wraps finally arrived, and they were huge, as long as my forearm. (I forgot to take a picture of this, so it’s only half!)

My chicken Sharma was filled with hummus, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, parsley and of course, tender marinated chicken. It was good! My friend enjoyed her Sabich that was stuffed with fried eggplant, boiled eggs, potato and hummus. We could only eat half of our food, but we were still trying to decide what we would order when we came back next time!

NOTE: I forgot my normal camera, and had to use my phone which is why the photos aren’t the best!

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