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[ TIFF Report ] Bask-it Style Lounge


Ah, to be a celebrity during TIFF. There are many lounges designed to showcase the newest and best to A-list celebs. I got the chance to visit one of the lounges, the Bask-it Style Lounge held at the Thompson Hotel. This lounge does things a bit differently by delivering a bag full of treats directly to the stars hotel room.

In the past celebrities gifted include: Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Colin Farrell, John Legend, Sir Elton John, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, Blake Lively,Olivia Wilde, Tom Wilkinson, Rachel Weisz, Iggy Pop, Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Elle Fanning, Helen Mirren, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and many more

I attended the preview to get a sneak peek of what’s in the bag! (more…)

Much Ado About Nothing TIFF Review

Okay, so I need to have my fan girl moment here. I’m a huge Buffy, Angel, & Dollhouse nerd. So when I heard that Joss Whedon was coming to Toronto for the premiere of his new movie, Much Ado About Nothing, I was so there. (and so was the rest of Toronto. HUGE line!)

Much Ado About Nothing is a modern take on the play by Shakespeare. I’ve actually never seen the play, and know nothing about it, so I was a bit worried about seeing this. Joss had also said that he was using the original dialogue, but removing some text to make it more modern. He also filmed it in his backyard/estate in 12 days, because he’s just cool like that.

Claudio (Fran Kranz) and Benedick (Alexis Denisof ) have just returned home to Messina after a successful campaign abroad. When earnest Claudio announces his adoration for the lovely Hero (Jillian Morgese), daughter of Messina’s governor Leonato (Clark Gregg), the acid-tongued Benedick teases him mercilessly. Benedick’s scorn for love is matched by that of his long-time nemesis and verbal sparring partner Beatrice (Amy Acker), Leonato’s niece. As the lovestruck Claudio and Hero make plans to marry, Benedick and Beatrice resume the “merry war” of insults they have long waged. Yet there are many who believe that for all their antagonism — or even because of it — this pair of incessantly sniping cynics is surely meant to be a couple. As matchmaking schemes are put into play and disguises are donned, loathing and love soon prove to be close cousins.

This movie was amazing, and really, I shouldn’t have expected anything less of Joss! It was beautiful in black and white, I didn’t miss the colour at all. Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship was fascinating and hilarious. The film was very emotional, often leaping from sadness to hilarity. My favourite character was poor Claudio, and of course Beatrice and Benedick. The dialogue seemed natural after time, and the use of cars, cell phones and a modern lifestyle juxtaposed against the language was interesting. Jed Whedon did the soundtrack, and it was perfect and haunting at some points. The ending is lovely and satisfying. I hope this film gets picked up, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t…it’s Joss!

At the Tastemaker’s Gifting Lounge

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that Toronto has rolled out the red carpet and stepped into it’s glitzy party clothes. TIFF is officially here. Lucky celebrities will be able to pop into several swag lounges around the city.

Here’s a peek of the Tastemakers Gifting Lounge!

Demeter Fragrance Library
was on hand to share their fragrances. Black Ginger looks like it smells amazing!

How cute is this tote from Me & You?

Celebs can get their nails glammed up with Kiss Nail Dress stickers.

And of course….everyone gets hungry, even the stars!
They can snack on healthy Kimberly’s Own granola,

or delicious cupcakes from La Dolci

Here’s Jonas Chernick checking out one of my favourite tea places, the Tea Emporium. He’s in My Awkward Sexual Adventure, the film I’m seeing on Tuesday!

That’s just a small taste of all the fab stuff that rock-it promo has featured in their gift lounge!

tiffr: Schedule your Festival

Overwhelmed by all of the choices and film schedules for TIFF?

tiffr is a handy dandy web application that allows you to favourite (by adding a button to your favourites bar) your top films, and then it shows you all of your time options for just the selected films. You can then add your chosen screening to your schedule. Very easy, and way less of a headache then using the website.

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