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Dinner at SCADDABUSH in Scarborough



I always celebrate when new restaurants open up in Scarborough. When those restaurants also serve up fresh mozzarella? Well, then I rejoice.

SCADDABUSH has set up shop in Scarborough, just across from Scarborough Town Centre. I was so exicted, that I partnered with SCADDABUSH to host an event to celebrate their launch and their charity partnership.

So why do I like them so much? Well, first off, they make a lot of their delicious dishes in house. Pasta is made daily, and you can watch fresh mozzarella being made before your eyes at the mozzarella bar. (I also am in love with the light fixtures. They’re so cool!) (more…)

Baklava from Patisserie Royale

I drive by this place all the time…and this time I remembered to stop! Patisserie Royale (1801, Lawrence Avenue East Unit 9) is a Scarborough store that specializes in Middle Eastern pastries. The recipe has been handed down from generations (from Syria) and they use  clarified butter, Californian nuts and pistachios from Turkey in their sweets.

They make all kinds of baklava, including cashew, pistachio and walnut. Never had baklava before? You’re missing out! These phyllo layered pastries are soaked in a honey syrup and are really sweet.  These ones were good, and I actually found them less sweet than my go-to baklava places. (Ghazale & Paramount Fine Foods) I typically can’t eat more than two of these in one sitting!

It’s about $25 per pound for baklava and I paid $6 for 9 pieces. It goes by weight. Next time you are in Scarborough for Goody’s Burgers, stop by them for dessert!

Bonfire Catering Food Truck

The University of Toronto Scarborough Campus has a farmers market each week, and it’s pretty much my favourite weekly habit. This year, they have a Food Truck that will be visiting as part of the market!

Bonfire Catering is almost literally a bonfire on wheels. Inside of their truck, they managed to house a mugnaini Italian pizza oven! It’s family run and they are very friendly.
When I went, the menu featured Hot Mexican pizza ($10), a Mediterranean Chicken Pizzetta Sandwich ($10) and pepperoni slices. ($5 with water)

I picked up a personal sized Hot Mexican pizza. They fire them up right there on the truck, and it’s made fresh. The pizza was spicy with hot peppers and their own homemade spicy sausage. It was super good. I’ve been back there since (pepperoni and vegetarian) but this one is my favourite!

The Farmers Market is every Wednesday in the University of Toronto parking lot from 3pm- 7pm.

Rouge Days 2012

I’ve been working on an event I’d like to share with you! Rouge Days is a celebration of the Rouge River Watershed. The Rouge River Watershed stretches through Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax and Markham. It also includes the soon-to-be national Rouge Park and the Toronto Zoo! If you live in any of these areas, there are lots of free events to participate in this week! Hike, cook-offs, workshops, and more, there’s something for everyone.

Last week I went to the kick-off party at beautiful Markham Museum. We went on tours of the gardens, visited the blacksmith and got to take home a native plant! Check out the pics and visit the website to find out about the events. Rouge Days runs from June 8th to June 16th.

Breakfast at Panagio’s

Panagio’s is a new restaurant that popped up in Scarborough. I’m always on the hunt for brunch near my hood, so I made sure to check it out. We arrive on a Saturday morning, and the place is pretty busy.
Panagio’s is a bright diner with a typical layout. They offers solid breakfast staples, like eggs benny, omelettes, and traditional breakfast ( bacon, toast, eggs.)

I choose the “The Banquet” omelette ($8.99) made from 4 eggs, filled with bacon, tomato, and cheddar cheese. It’s served with toast, home fries and fruit.

My boyfriend has the classic eggs benedict, ($10.99) also served with home fries, toast and fruit.
All in all it’s pretty good. The omelette is fresh and cheesy (important!) and the home fries are crispy. I prefer home fries that are more fry than potato, but because they were so crispy I enjoyed them. I like Panagio’s better than Cora’s, who I find overpriced and mediocre. I’ll be heading back here to try one of the breakfast scrambles next.

Panagio’s is at 1928 Mccowan Road, Toronto, ON M1S4K1. They are only open for breakfast and lunch.

So into Cupcakes

I’m so into cupcakes. Are you? I bet you are. So into Cupcakes is a new cupcake shop in Scarborough! They just opened this weekend, and I stopped by to give their cupcakes a try. The has a very modern, white design. The main feature of the store is the glass display case filled with cupcakes. So into cupcakes makes about 10 different kinds of cupcakes. A regular sized cupcake is $2.50, and a mini cupcake is $1.50. The cashier was very friendly, but the owner had left for the day. The cupcakes that day were red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, mocha and peppermint. Yum! They had salted caramel before, but it was sold out. This cupcake store has decent hours, (11am -7pm.) so it’s great if you need to grab cupcakes in a hurry or get an after work snack.

I picked out a vanilla, coconut and mini red velvet cupcake. The coconut cupcake was topped with shredded coconut, and had a light coconut taste. I noticed immediately that the icing was very light…for all of the cupcakes. It’s not that they didn’t put enough icing, it’s more like the icing is very airy and subtle. It probably doesn’t have a lot of sugar, which can be a good thing. However, I like my cupcakes sweet! (But not Prairie Girl Cupcakes sweet.)

The cake was moist and fresh. I like these cupcakes, but I wish that they were a bit more decadent and flavorful.

The best of the lot was the mini red velvet. The icing was still light, but the touch of cream cheese in the icing gave it body. Also, the cake was delicious! I’m very excited that I have a cupcake shop so close to home, and I plan to go back there to try chocolate cupcakes next time!

So into Cupcakes
Monday to Friday – 11 am to 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday – 11 am to 4 pm

2060 Ellesmere Road, Unit 10
Toronto, ON M1H 2V6


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