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oTENTik Camping at Thousand Islands National Park



Growing up, my family never went camping. We would take road trips, have barbeques, go to parks…but the thought of camping would never cross our minds. Much to the surprise of many, I’ve started to enjoy the outdoors! I wanted to find a way to share that with my family.

When I read about Parks Canada’s new oTENTiks, I knew I’d found my answer. An oTENTik is a cross between a cabin and a tent. Currently in Ontario, the only park that has these structures is Thousand Islands National Park..

Some of the oTENTiks are on land, but some are on McDonald and Gordon island. We stayed on McDonald island. You must have your own boat or you can call a water taxi to get to the islands.

The island was busier than I thought it would be, with many boaters hopping on and off of the island. The oTENiks were a few minutes apart, with ample space between them.




The oTENiks are well built with lots of space inside. Inside, there are bottom and top bunks. The structure can sleep 6. There were 4 of us, so there was plenty of room. Mattresses are included, but no bedding, so bring your own! There’s also a set of tables and chairs, and a handy solar light.



Outside you have a firepit with a beautiful view of the lake, deck chairs, a covered eating area, a picnic bench, coal grill and a metal storage container for food

It was a great camping experience. My family really liked it, and we were able to pack lighter because of all the things that were included. It was actually pouring rain one night, and the oTENTik did its job- no leaks!

Activities to do include hiking and swimming. There are no flush toilets, but the composting toilets are clean. You have to remember to bring your own drinking water, as there is none on the island.


August 20131

You can also visit the visitors center (generally open until Labour Day) at Malloytown Landing. They have cool things to explore like exhibits, furs and animal skulls. During the summer, you can visit with their friendly snake, and other animals.

An oTENTik is the perfect camping experience for the first time camper, family camper, or just someone looking to experience something a little different. They are available to rent until Thanksgiving weekend for $90 a night. Rent one today!

Taking Care of Your Delicates with Forever New


I’m the kinda girl that tosses all of my laundry into the machine at once. I definitely don’t separate bras, and they do tend to get tangled in the washer. Ultimately, throwing my bras into the washing machine all willy-nilly will end up destroying them.

That’s why I was happy to get the chance to try a Bra Bather and Forever New Wash.

So, what is a Bra Bather? This soft cylinder will protect your bras.  The built in frame and extra padding will help to extend the life of your bras. I managed to fit 4 bras in the bather and I used the washing machine.

I  washed them in Forever New. Forever New is a special wash made with plant based, biodegradable cleansers; and is free of parabens, phthalates and dyes. It has a delicate scent, and can be used to wash lingerie & hosiery, silk, wool, cotton, and lycra.

When I took them out, they were looked perfect and smelled really good (Thanks to Forever New).

Washing bras in the Bra Bather will eliminate common problems like snags and popped out under-wire.

Now, my bras don’t come out of the washer looking like they’ve been in the losing part of a fight. No, they are pristine and ready to tackle a new week.

Thank you, Bra Bather.

The Bra Bather is $9.99 (A-C cup bras) $13.99 (D+ cup bras). Get one here. Forever New can be found here.

Blunt XS Metro Umbrella Review




This little guy is the Blunt XS Metro, and it’s been a lifesaver for this past month. I’m not sure where you live, but in Toronto it’s been pouring almost constantly this spring.

The Blunt XS Metro is a tough, durable (not to mention adorable) umbrella. It features blunt tips that form part of the RTS system. This system redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout its entire canopy surface.

It makes the umbrella super strong and almost impossible to get turned inside out from the wind! It’s excellent for travel or stashing in a tote bag. The automatic open button is handy,and the umbrella is available in an array of beautiful colours! I chose yellow to brighten up gloomy rainy days.


The Blunt XS Metro retails for $49.99 and can be found at The Sporting Life  and Ziggy’s at Home in Toronto.

Dinner at Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar


After visiting the adorable Kissing Bridge in Woolwich, we decided to stop for dinner at Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar in Mississauga. I had chosen Ten because it seemed to have good reviews, and it was close to the Port Credit waterfront. The restaurant was huge and very modern. It had a separate bar area and also an upstairs area that seemed to be a private event space. It was a nice day, and lots of people were on the patio, but we opted to stay inside.

I wanted to eat a lot of things on the menu. Everything sounded amazing from the “Small Plates” section, especially the Merguez Sausage Flatbread ($12.98) and the Nachos Agrodolce ($14.95). I also thought it was cute that you could send the kitchen staff a beer! We decided to go for the nachos.


Big nachos!

They were unbelievably good! The nacho chips themselves were huge, and covered in 3 year Balderson and brie cheese. Along with the two types of cheese, they were topped with cured tomato, basil and pickled peppers. Everything was fresh and the sauce was spicy. Definitely a winner!



We both decided to get the burger for our main. Tens Infamous 8 oz Burger ($16.98) was as perfect as a burger could be. Topped with truffle mushrooms and Balderson’s cheddar, this burger is served medium rare. The beef was so soft and tender, and well spiced.

The burger was between the best brioche bun that I’ve ever tasted. The bun was slightly sweet and soft, yet it didn’t fall apart or disintegrate into mush from the truffle oil. (These buns are supplied by a local bakery. )  The house cut fries that came with the burger were also surprisingly good! Dressed up with cracked pepper, maldone salt and fresh sprigs of rosemary, they were an unexpected treat.

We actually weren’t able to finish our fries though, because we were stuffed! This wine bar is a bit on the pricy side, but is worth it for the atmosphere, friendly service and amazing food. After your meal you can take a stroll by the waterfront. I recommend this place if you are ever in Port Credit!


Ten Restaurant &Wine Bar is at 139 Lakeshore Rd. E. in Port Credit, ON

Sorel Tofino Boot Review



My Sorel boots have got me doing something that I didn’t really think I’d ever do. I wake up in the morning anticipating snow. Because if it snows, I get to wear my awesome Tofino Twill Sorel boots. I have never owned a comfier or warmer pair of boots.

I decided to test out these boots for my Quebec trip that I took in February. They stood up to the test time and time again. -25 weather, snowstorms, rain….my feet were never cold. My socks did not get wet. When I returned to Toronto, we had some awful days with slush and freezing rain. I slipped on my Sorel boots and sploshed confidently (and stylishly) through the snow.


The boots are lighter than I expected and are made out of leather and waxed canvas uppers, making the boots waterproof and breathable.  On the cuff they are lined with faux fur trim. The fur actually helps to keep the snow from going into your boots when laced up tightly. The laces are stretchy and easy to adjust.  The tops of the boots have handy leather tabs to help you pull them on.

The moulded rubber duck boot keeps my feet dry and slushing confidently through the snow. Inside, the boots are lined with a combination of Thinsulate®  insulation and Sherpa Pile polyester fleece to keep you warm.


Can you rock these with a cute skirt? Leggings? Skinny jeans? Yes, yes and yes. The Tofino boots are glam enough to shop and brunch around Toronto in, but also rugged enough to brave the elements with. These boots have become my go to boots for the season! They are also on sale…go check them out!

Picture Day TIFF Review

Tonight I saw one of my first TIFF picks of the festival, Picture Day! I love watching Canadian films, and was delighted to find that it was shot in Toronto!

Picture Day is written by Kate Melville, a scriptwriter for Degrassi and other shows. This is her first film.

Claire is a cheerful high school student doing her “victory lap” and failing miserably. She isn’t really going to classes, and doesn’t particularly seem to care. She also has some issues with her classmates (no one likes her, and there are some pretty nasty rumors) and things aren’t great at home either. Three weeks into school, Claire bumps into her old baby-sitting ward, Henry, is now in grade 9. She befriends him and tries to remake his image. Henry has a bit of a crush on her, but she can’t see it because she’s too busy falling for an older rocker (Jim) in his “Jesus year” and hanging out at his shows.

This film had hilarious moments juxtaposed in familiar Toronto spots. (Active Surplus, anyone?) It really captures what high school is like, and got the characters just right. Tatiana Maslany is a natural and fits right into the role of Claire. Spencer Van Wyck’s wide eyed, innocent portray of Henry was perfect. I’d also like to point out that Susan Coyne is fantastic and funny as Henry’s mom. Fun fact! Jim’s band actually exists! It’s a real Toronto band called the ElastoCitizens!

I really enjoyed the soundtrack of the film. During the Q&A, Kate told us that all of the songs from the movie can be found on the movie website, which is awesome, because I was trying to scribble down the titles of songs.

The thing that tied it all together for me was the end of the movies. As we exited the theater, we were handed a glowing LED light to add to the fence outside (tying into one of the best scenes in the film). It made for a magical ending of a memorable film. Go Canada!

New York’s Sohotel

I went to New York last month, and stayed at the Sohotel in the Bowery. The Sohotel is a small, but hip hotel. The rooms have exposed brick walls, and SUPER comfy beds and pillows. There’s a flat screen TV and a radio ipod dock. The bathrooms are tiny, but with a nice shower head and comes stocked with yummy smellingC.O Bigelow Apothecaries lotion, shampoo, body wash and conditioner.

The lobby is pretty classy, with free coffee and tea offered in the mornings and afternoons. It has lots of pretty chandeliers and comfy chairs. The location wasn’t bad, only 1 subway stop away from SoHo, where there is tons of shopping. The hotel is clean and the staff is efficient. They also let us store our luggage before check-in, and after we checked out, which was great.

Some of the downsides are:

  • It bills itself as a “cheap” hotel, but at $250 a night, I disagree.
  • There aren’t any restaurants around to grab dinner or breakfast. The hotel doesn’t have one, but if you walk for about 7 minutes, you’ll find some cafes and Little Italy.
  • It is LOUD. You can hear the traffic and street noises like you are out there. I DID have a good sleep while I was there, but if you are sensitive you might want to take note.
  • Only the lobby has WiFi. That really shocked me! You can get a faint WiFi signal in some rooms, but it’s hard.
  • There aren’t any phones in the room. If you need to call front desk you have to walk
  • There isn’t an elevator, and we stayed on the 4th floor. It wasn’t that bad though.

    The Sohotel is located at 341 Broome Street and the nearest metros are Bowery and Grand station.

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