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See Ontario like never before on the Agawa Canyon Train

You can’t truly comprehend how huge Ontario is until you’ve ridden for 10 hours on a train…and are in still in Ontario. It’s amazing to think that in Europe, I would have passed through any number of counties in that amount of time. We are incredibly lucky to have acres of pristine wilderness. This summer, one of my Ontario bucket list dreams came true, and I was able to ride the magical Agawa Canyon Tour Train!

Being in Sault Ste Marie alone was a big deal for me- it was the furthest north that I’ve ever been in Ontario. I was about to travel even further- the train takes you 114 miles away from Sault Ste Marie.

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Hotel Metro in London, Ontario

I have this weird thing where I like to look up boutique hotels in different cities, so I know where I would want to stay if I ever visited. (Clearly I have too much spare time.)

Hotel Metro was on my list ever since I came across them years earlier online. So, I was really happy to see that I’d been booked into the Hotel Metro for my visit to the Food & Wine Show! Hotel dreams do come true.

Daytripping: Tobermory

Going up to Tobermory is a perfect fall day trip. The crowds have thinned out so you can actually enjoy the scenery! I went camping and spent one day in the town. Tobermory is about 5 hours away from Toronto, so make sure you plan to stay over night! It’s famous for its unique formation of “flowerpot” rocks. While we were there, we hopped on a glass bottom boat tour ($35). I strongly recommend that you book your tickets. Even though we went off season, we only got on the boat because of a cancellation!

Before we went on our boat tour, we stopped for lunch at the Fish & Chips Place. They specialize in Georgian Bay Whitefish. The fish was very fresh and lightly battered. I think it could have used some more seasoning though, because it wasn’t that flavourful. After lunch we went to board the boat.

The boat tour takes you out to Flowerpot Island, which is in Fathom Five National Marine Park. It’s a lot of fun, and you get to see some shipwrecks. The water is super clear, but in my opinion the “glass bottom” feature isn’t really worth it. It’s so tiny that you might as well just look over the side of the boat. When we got closer, we went on a zodiac boat to take us to the island. The boat drops you off on the island for about 2 hours. You get to hike around and explore the formations. They were beautiful!

Camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park

I’ve been dying to go to the Bon Echo Provincial Park for a couple of years. Finally I was able to convince my friends that we should camp there this year for our annual trip. Spoiler: They fell in love with it!

Bon Echo Provincial Park is about 4 hours away from Toronto. The only downside of our camping weekend was the fire ban that was in effect for all of Ontario.  We camped at site 208 in Hardwood Hills and had a fantastic time. The campsite was a walk in. You park your car and then go down the hill into your campsite. It was beautiful! We felt like we were in the middle of the forest, and we couldn’t see our neighbors. We had some nocturnal visitors, a raccoon and a field mouse.

This park is HUGE. We were on the other side of Mazinaw Lake, but we drove through the park and it was endless.
(We did have a chance to peek at the Fairway campsites, and they were considerably smaller than ours.)  Bon Echo has a slew of activities for you to do. You can go rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, or hiking. If you don’t have your own boat you can rent canoes and paddle boats.

The beaches are beautiful and perfect for swimming. You can hop on the Wanderer boat for a relaxing tour of Upper Mazinaw Lake. The tour talks about the about interesting features of the huge Mazinaw Rock and its native pictographs. The tour is $7.00 for adults and $4.00 for kids. We didn’t have enough time to go on this tour, so it’s on my To Do list! This was my favourite provincial park of the two that I’ve camped in before (Ferris, Presqu’ile) and I know that I’ll be back. Next camping trip is in September, at Bruce Peninsula National Park!

Daytripping: Webster’s Falls Conservation Area

At Webster’s Falls Conservation Area, there are lots of chances to get up close and personal with the waterfalls. This Dundas, Ontario gem has not one, but two waterfalls on site. (Hamilton boasts a whopping 96 waterfalls!)

Tew’s Falls is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, and Webster’s Falls is the tallest within the city of Hamliton. With its tiny bridges and steep but picturesque steps,it’s a great place to explore and have a picnic. Admission is $10 per car, and the park closes at sundown.

Daytripping: Bellfountain Conservation Area

Destination: Belfountain Conservation Area, in Belfountain, ON 1 hour away from Toronto

With this mild fall weather that we are having in Ontario, why not take a day trip with a bunch of friends, or that special someone? I headed to Belfountain Conservation Area with my boyfriend to do a little exploring. Belfountain Conservation Area is located in (wouldn’t you know it) Belfountain, and is 1 hour away from Toronto.

I love bridges, so I was really excited to see this one! It’s a pretty small conservation area, but it’s nice to pack a picnic lunch. They have a small cave that you can explore and a man made waterfall. The bridge is a great place to take pictures, and many Torontonians take wedding shots there.

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