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CND Open Road Collection & Swatches

1-cndThe CND Spring Open Road collection is a set of 6 chic Vinylux shades. To me, these muted shades scream spring! This was my first time wearing Vinylux and it won’t be my last!

Vinylux polishes are designed to last for a week. I am very hard on my nails. I wore these polishes for a week, and the colour did last. Towards the end, the polish at the very tips of my nails would chip off, but it was very gradual. The polish stayed glossy! So how do they work?


Deborah Lippmann Spring Reveries Swatches

1-IMG_0169It’s April! And it’s finally warming up! I finally feel like wearing these pale pastel shades. Deborah Lippmann has a new collection for spring! Spring Reveries has 6 limited edition shades.

This was my first time using Deborah Lippmann polishes, and I really liked them. The polishes go on thin and almost watery, so you have to build up the shade.

Once you do though, it provides good coverage and stays shiny. Removal is a breeze; they come off easily with one swipe of remover. On to the polishes!

A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins

Did you know that you touch your eyes over 200 times a day, on average? Think of all of the dirt and toxins that you carry on your fingers and nails! Ick.

Nail polish is essentially loaded with toxins, and have been known to cause a rash of fine bumps below your eyes on sensitive skin.

One company is giving you the tools to choose nail polish that is good for your skin.

Clinique is a company that really cares about your skin, and they put a lot of research into all of their products. Each product is tested 12 times on 600 different people! If one person develops an allergic reaction, they start over. Wow.

Their newest foray is into nail polish! Clinique spent 6 years developing their new polishes. The polishes, A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins  are formulated to minimize skin sensitivity.


Available in 12 classic  shades and 9 limited edition shades perfect for summer, skin sensitivity has never looked so good. I love how sleek and well branded the bottles are!

Summer in the City
Juiced Up

The candy coloured polishes are picture perfect. They go on smooth in thin layers with lots of pigment. They don’t leave streaks and you can get full coverage in 2 strokes. These chip free polishes last up to 2 weeks.


My all time favourite shade is Juiced Up. The bright cheery coral is perfect for spring and summer. I had to force myself to take it off to try out the other shades! I also think that the bright yellow 70 Degrees and Sunny is gorgeous! Which is your favourite shade? Check them all out here!

OPI Skyfall Review & Giveaway

The new OPI Skyfall holiday collection has some gorgeous colours! This set celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Bond 007 and the movie release of Skyfall starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem. The  Skyfall Collection features 12 dangerously dazzling new shades for the holidays. I love them! The photos don’t do them justice!

My absolute favourite shade is “The World is Not Enough” It’s a bit hard to see, but it’s a shimmery, glittery purple gray.


A close second would be this bright, shimmery red that is perfect for the holidays. The Spy Who Loved Me is “a red as romantic as the secret agent inside you.”

Check out the entire collection below!


OPI has generously provided me with a mini collection to give away to one lucky reader! The contest ends on Friday. November 9th. To enter, you have to Like us on my (brand new) Facebook page! Good luck!

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Get Nailed!

Nail polish is one of my favourite things right now. Nothing screams summer like brightly polished nails!
A great new line of polishes has launched in Toronto. Get Nailed is a saucy new line of colours from the lady behind The Ten Spot, Kristen Wood. I tried out some of their products!

Get Nailed lacquer come in a host of yummy, fashionable shades. I particularly liked “Yep, that’s impressive,” (Tiffany Blue) and “Got an Extra Toothbrush?” As you can see, they probably have the most hilarious names that you’ll ever see adorning the bottom of a polish.
With names like, “Your place…or my car?”, “You want me to what!?” and the slightly disturbing, “Shh, you’ll wake my dad!”, these names are one of a kind and just a little bit dirty. You can submit your own polish names, and it might be chosen! Get Nailed isn’t just about naughty names and funky colours. They are proudly big four free. The polishes do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) OR camphor, which is great.

The nail polish went on smooth and dried fast. One of the things I liked most about this polish is that it came off easily with nail polish remover. I hate it when it’s hard to remove. The Get Nailed line includes a quick dry top coat and a base coat.

My favourite part of the Get Nailed line are the Microbeads! I’ve been dying to try these. The microbeads come in a variety of colours. My favourite is the black! You can buy a single pot of the beads for $6.00, or you can get a set for $20. The set includes super easy to follow instructions, a polish with matching microbeads, an orange wood stick and a mini nail file. I tried out “Love me a Silver Fox,” and it was so much fun to use.

After painting my nail, I tipped a small amount of beads onto the polish. I carefully pressed them into my nail with the orange wood stick and sealed the beads by running a clear coat of polish over the edge of my nail. The effect was funky and fun! The beads didn’t last that long for me, but I am particularly hard on my nails. I can’t wait to try to black! I love that these microbeads are more affordable than Caviar, and from Toronto!

If you are looking to try some new polishes with awesome shades, please give Get Nailed a try!

Axxium Manicure at the Ten Spot

Before I jetted off to Europe, I got my nails done for the first time at the Ten Spot on Queen Street. I got the Axxium ($50) treatment, because lasts for up to two weeks (or more I heard!) without chipping.

My manicurist was very attentive and asked me what shape I wanted my nails filed in, and helped me choose a colour. One of the good things about Axxium is that you can buy the same OPI shade to touch up your manicure when it grows out.

I chose Big Apple Red. The polish went was carefully painted onto a glue like base coat and then each hand was put under the UV light for about 2 minutes total. One of the best parts is that it dried instantly. She did a great polish job, and I can say that it was one of the best manicure I’d ever had.

I loved the look of this manicure, and it stayed shiny and perfect for about a week and a half. Now, I’m very hard on my nails, and I did manage to chip it towards the end of my trip. I also noticed that my nails grow super fast, so my polish was growing out. That being said, this manicure stayed shiny to the end. I’ve been itching to try it again to see if I can make it last longer (and chip free!) in my typical routine.

The one annoying thing about Axxium and Shellac manicures is that you must have it professionally removed. I know that there are ways to do it yourself, but I didn’t want to risk it! Sadly, (I don’t live downtown!) I chose to remove the polish close to my house, because I wasn’t able to go downtown. They didn’t do a good job and my nails are still a bit damaged from the way they took it off. I urge you to get your manicure taken off at a good salon, or the same place that applied it for you. Removal is free at most of them.

I’ve gotten manicures since, but I think I’m hooked onto UV manicures. I can’t stop thinking about when I’ll get my next one! I’m terrible and always manage to dent a regular manicure that same day it’s applied, or shortly after. It’s virtually impossible to that with this manicure!

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