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Around the kitchen with Kikkerland

Kikkerland is such a fun brand. I’ve been a big fan for a long time. I first discovered the brand through their travel gear (super handy luggage scales and packable laundry bags have been a lifesaver!). Now that I’m a homeowner, I’m finding fun and useful ways to use Kikkerland day to day life.

Unexpected Essentials

Herb Multi-tool

This is the tool that I didn’t know I needed until I discovered it. I have a mini herb garden that’s constantly producing basil, oregano, mint, thyme and parsley. This handy herb multi tool is able to chop herbs with it’s curved blade, strip herbs of leaves (I’m looking at you, thyme) and can zest in a pinch. It’s also able to peel citrus and open bottles. (more…)

Win it! Kikkerland Ring Holder

Put a Ring on It

When first got my engagement ring, I was so excited, and it was incredibly sparkly and shimmery. Like…well…a diamond. Fast forward a few months, I noticed that it had gotten dull. Like, really dull. I started panicking, thinking that I’d somehow scratched the surface or chipped the diamond (you may laugh, but this poor ring has already been through a lot with me. Like the time I fell into a wall and landed diamond first. True story.) (more…)

Kikkerland Faves


1. Morph Coffee Heart Mug ($10): This mug is my favourite! The heart is black…until you fill it with a warm liquid and it turns red.

2. Leaf Tea Infuser ($12): This floating leaf steeps your tea!

3. 6 Foot Micro USB cable ($12.50) This cable stretches any and everywhere- keeping you connected. I love this cable because it stretches from the outlet on the wall to my bed. Perfect for keeping my phone charged!

4. Dapper Drink Markers: ($5) How classy would you be with these fun drink markers at your party?

5. Morph Cherry Blossom Mug ($12): Watch the trees bloom to life when you pour in your hot liquid!

6. Woodland Animals Bag Clips ($4): The cutest way to keep your food fresh!

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