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Surprise your Valentine with Läderach chocolate

Some things never change for good reasons. Chocolate and flowers remain classic gifts for Valentine’s Day. If I had to choose, I’d choose chocolates over flower. They last way longer than flowers, although these chocolates might not!

Läderach chocolate remains one of my favourite chocolates. I could eat their FrischSchoggi all day, every day. For Valentine’s Day, FrischSchoggi makes a delicious gift. One of my favourite types is Rocher, named after the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Their delicious milk chocolate is filled with roasted almond flakes.

Looking for something a little more romantic? These sweet assorted hearts ($17.50) are little praline chocolates made of milk, dark and white chocolate. There’s pistachio with milk chocolate, raspberry with white chocolate and almond with dark chocolate.

If you want to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with the massive “I love you heart.” It’s heartwarming message is even tastier with the addition of Swiss milk chocolate and roasted and caramelised Piedmont hazelnuts. Yum!

For the full collection, check out and make your Valentine’s day.

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