Sunbeam Spreads Warmth

Each year, thousands of Canadians affected by cancer rely on patient transportation programs to get to and from life-saving treatment. This can be one of the most challenging tasks they face, especially if treatment is far from home.

Wheels of Hope is a volunteer program that connects drivers with patients needing access to treatment- but who don’t drive. I encourage you to watch the touching video above to see the real life story of a young cancer patient and his mom.

Through Supports with Warmth, Sunbeam is donating 75,000 kilometres to the Wheels of Hope transportation program.
Feeling cold or chilled may be a side effect of cancer and its treatment, so Sunbeam is also donating warmth with 500 Sunbeam Heated Throws to distribute to cancer patients in Ontario.

blanketI cuddled up with a Heated Throw and loved it. I can only imagine the warmth it brings to cancer patients.

Cuddle Up heated throws come in a whopping 22 assorted patterns. The blanket features 3-heat settings and an auto off function after 3 hours, which is great if you fall asleep. It comes with a 5-year warranty, and is incredible warm (obviously.)

Blankets are $59.99 and up. Visit to cuddle up with your own blanket!

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